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Better late than never... right?

Shouts out to all my friends, family, supporters, and L.@.Me's.  You are appreciated.  SERIOUSLY!

DMV YouTube Cypher Pt. 2: Mouse

Remember my "DMV YouTube Cypher" I did a few posts ago?  
I present to you... part 2 by Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy.

I'm liking where this thing is going.  G*Two up next!

LATE T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday... SORRY

Sorry... I'll let the video do the explaining.

And we're off... this is the FUTURE!

Since this IS a typed document, I will go on the record saying that DRAKE could be the FUTURE of not only Hip-Hop, but music in general!!  There is NOTHING he can't do.  Call it what you want, I'm a fan.  STRAIGHT LIKE THAT!  He murders Lil Wayne on EVERY track (that I've heard so far, about 4 joints) and can do records like this... if YOU don't like it (Fellas) ask your girl if she does... POINT PROVEN.   I can soooo relate... music please!!!

Wowww.... Shouts out to (Howard U. Alum)

Alright, this next one may not be the FUTURE, but i love it!!  A Few L.@.Me's may be able to relate.  This is PURE entertainment, and I LOVE "Off-the-top" Freestyles, so... here ya go!
You don't get the full effect unless you listen to the ENTIRE thing... let the brainwashing begin!

Ahh... refreshing... Sorry for the delay folks.  Hope I made up for it!

Stay tuned for more of the goodness.  I got new tracks on the way, I hear I need to give you more than just the old joints on T.Y.M.E. Machine Mondays.  Will do... 

DMV YouTube Cypher

Got some info on a YouTube Cypher for DMV Artists on (you should check it out) and decided to be the first to send in an entry to start off.  It's pretty much the classic style of cyphering; spit your bars, pass the mic.  Only thing is, it's got the new millennium twist so we're passing the mic over the internet (Cool, huh).  Hopefully more DMV Artists step up and we can really turn this into something.  Enjoy!

Shouts out to Nike Nando and Thrilla Nilla 

Pick-Me-Up Wednesday

Need a pick-me-up?  Good.  Here folks... Smile.

This is quite funny to me... 

Reminds me of home back in South Carolina... lmao!!

Ladies, you might not agree, but this is DEFINITELY a "Pick-Me-Up".  In so many ways...

Shouts out to for the video.

Whew, now wasn't that refreshing?!?!?!  

Now, I leave you with this question I read in a book the other day.  This question is only for the hardest, hungry, most thugged out of people (me, of course, lmao)....

Would you... wearing a mask, punch your grandmother (or oldest living relative) as hard as you can in the stomach, ONCE, for $10,000 is she never found out it was you?  Would you do it for $100,000?  $1,000,000?


Still hungry for more?

How much would it take for you to take a bite out of...
A Dead Rat?
A stick of deodorant?
A live snail?
A four year old Milky Way Candy Bar?
Your Arm?
A stranger's arm?
A Corpse?
A piece of you feces?

Ok, ok, I'm done... don't blame me, blame the book!  Oh how I love random humor. Peace.

T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday!

I don't know about you, but this feels like the beginning of a good week.  Also, I'm flirting with the idea of a dropping a mixtape soon... Yay?  Nay?  Lemme know... 
Either way, T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday!

LCD - "Hoes Takin' Pictures"
(I'll never forget first hearing this. HILARIOUS. But still a great song. So true.)

Chainz - "Lock N Load"
(Oldie, quality punchlines though as always)

Hope you've enjoyed today's episode of "T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday".  Stay tuned.  I got a few things bubbling behing the scenes, don't wanna jinx it though... Follow my moves people... oNe.

Like this song...

Not as big a fan of this mixtape as I am the other 2 installments, but I respect him sharing some of his light and puttin' his folks on.  Drake is clearly the best feature on the entire project and only appears once.  Anyway, my favorite track is "Magic".  The beat is addictive.  R.I.P. Pimp C.

Yeah... um... not so much.

I don't know if this is funny or just strange, but I must say, Beyonce is a BAD jernt!!! 



I love watching FREESTYLES!!  Not people reciting prepared verses, but off the top FREESTYLES!!  Even when people mess up or aren't as nice as when they write, there's nothing like seeing someone keep it in the essence of true Hip-Hop.  Gotta love it!

What You Been Up to Ice??????

Thanks for asking!!! 

Pick Me Up Wednesdays...

Week getting you down?
Need a Pick Me Up?
Then sit back, enjoy a laugh or two, and get your silly ass over the hump!!  

I'm having a ROUGH week, so without further ad0... 

Let's start this off right.  EVERYONE knows someone like this... 

Is Hip-Hop Dead?  CLEARLY NOT! 
(If you haven't noticed, I'm a big Will Ferrell fan)

Things that make you go, "Hmmm...."
Shouts out to Tee

Ok... just because your week might suck like mine... BONUS!!!

(Disclaimer for the Internet Thugs: Seeing as though this is MY blog, I can do what I want, and therefore I post what I want.  If you have any issues with what I post... well... not really much you can do, but please refrain from playing the now homo "No Homo" game if you see anything similar to the video posted above and would like to oppose my preference in comedy)

Sorry folks, just thought I'd cover all bases and detract all Internet weirdos. Anyways, stay tuned and I hope that your week is a bit more bearable now.  Mine is. 

G.A.B. Interviews Ice the Villain

An interview from a few months ago... lmao at rapping her up at the end of part1.
(That was really 2 parts put together.  They asked it twice to get more shots.... TRUST ME!)

G.A.B. interview with Ice the Villain pt1

G.A.B. interview with Ice the Villain pt2

Shouts out to G.A.B. and WHBC.  
HU I got US!
DMV WE got US!!

Feeling it...

I'll be the first to tell you, I'm not the BIGGEST fan, but I have the utmost respect for his style of music and his creativity.  Above all else, I love the momentum he helped to create in this year's election.  This video right here is pretty tight too.  

(I get chills everytime the video gets to 2:05.  POWERFUL.)

T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday!

We're here again!!  This is actually becoming something I look forward to, there's not much else anymore.  And we're off!

T.Y.M.E. Machine Mondays!  LEARN IT!  I'mma drop some new stuff in a bit, just hoping y'all understand that these songs are YEARS old.  Don't get it twisted, the evolution is disgusting, but until you see where we came from (GREATNESS), you wouldn't understand where we're going (PERFECTION).

Umm.... Confused.

So, anyone that knows me closely knows the role that Erykah Badu plays in my life (If you don't know, don't ask, JUST THIS ONE TIME).  Anyway, she is very much the beacon for eclectic, soulful, and powerful music.  I would go as far as to say she's a genius in her own right.  

So, I'm on her MySpace page the other day and come across what you will see below.  Let's just say, I was a bit lost.  I mean, I respect an E. Badu co-sign, but this... well, to each his own. 

I have no more to say.  Observe.  PLEASE give your comments... 

I still love you Miss Badu.  "Peace and Blessings".  Congrats on the new life.
Shouts out to Tee and raqstar.

Actually, while we're at it, let's get into something I REALLY like from the Queen.  

Erykah Badu & Ice the Villain - "Honey" (The S.H.I.T.)

I got more songs with her on the way (already done, but won't drop 'em yet)... man I'd love to make an album with her.  It might improve my diet and make me a sex symbol ;)


Ever needed a pick-me-up?  I have (ex: complications w/ the post below) lol.  And for that reason, I present to you a few jewels that work for me when I'm getting pissed off.  Enjoy!

"The Landlord"

"Good Cop, Baby Cop"

That's a funny little kid!!!  Maybe I'll start doing this "Pick-Me-Up" thing more often to help you get through the week.  Whatcha think???

Howard University 2008 Election Footage

A little blown I'm trying to convert the videos from my cell phone and the audio won't work.  AND, this "free download" has this corny "Evaluation Copy" on my stuff.  PISSED.  But, I promised footage, and I shan't go back on my word.  This does the experience NO justice!

Singing the Black National Anthem

Barack Obama has been elected President of the U.S. of A!

The streets were crazy afterwards.  This is Georgia Ave.  U Street was MUCH worse!

Even Ryan Leslie stopped by the Mecca and performed "Diamond Girl" and "Addiction".  Don't ask what it had to do with the election, just know that it happened.  Shouts out to him.  Genius.

Truly a historic moment.  Can't wait to tell my kids about it.  Still pissed I can't make this audio work for you... oh well.  Stay tuned suckas.... 

This WAS me...

Meant to post this yesterday morning.  My Apologies... 

I was blessed enough to be a part of Howard University's 2008 Election Watch.  It was truly a moving experience.  I will put the footage up as soon as I can, for SOME reason we have school today, lol.  Radio Practicum calls, stay tuned.  But for now, I leave you with a song that has en ENTIRELY different meaning from when I first heard it.  I had to have heard this song like 50 times up and down Georgia Avenue, in the McDonald's parking lot, in my friend's cars, rooms, and being chanted across campus....

Shouts out to my family, my ancestors, my friends, and the UNITED States of America!  We have a long way to go... 

In a perfect world...

In a perfect world... McCain would stop fronting and ADMIT that Barack Obama DESERVES/IS the President of the United States of America...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die


T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday!

Back at it... T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday... Strap up your Marty McFlys.

Ice the Villain - "I'm A Villain" (this takes me back... WAYYY Back)

Ice the Villain featuring LCD - "NyQuil"

Point Blank (Chainz & Ice the Villain) - "Suck My Swagg"
(LMAO at the random "intermission" of this track.  Thanks B-Lee.)  
We truly murdered this joint.

Ahhh.... Feels good to go back.  Stay Tuned. 

This means WAR!! Obama vs. McCain & Palin

Choose your side.  LMAO at the Voice-Overs... 

Sarah Palin = IDIOT!

I was on AllHipHop today and came across this video of Sarah Palin getting prank called by a radio station in Montreal.  I mean just think... HOW did they even get through?  What kind of job are people doing to screen these calls?!?!?!  If we don't vote tomorrow, SHE could be in office.  In 8 years?  In 4 years?  The day after Inauguration after McCain's heart attack?!?!  Who knows... observe... SMH


ATL Brainwashed Me!!!

Ok, I told y'all I was about QUALITY music... now, what exactly is Quality?  That's debatable.  I'm a fan of LOTS of different music, and I like certain music for certain reasons.  I like lyricism.  I like wordplay.  I like a lot of things.  I also like pure entertainment.  And for that reason, I will admit that I am a fan of artists like Soulja Boy... have you seen his YouTube videos??!?!  Hilarious....

Now, I'm building up to say something pretty bold, for me at least.  After being FORCED to listen to certain music in ATL by my best friend Rick and his homies... I've become a fan of Gucci Mane... yeah... I said it (and now there's written documentation) 

I present to you a mixtape that has been out for a while, but I'm just now getting on it... 
Gucci Mane & DJ Drama: The Movie.  Gangsta Grillz you BASTARDS!!!

What are my favorite tracks you ask?  PLEASE check these out:
  • "Feelin Myself"
  • "Photo Shoot"
  • "Kill the Parking Lot"
  • "Bachelor Pad"
  • "I Live In A TV" (My personal favorite, I crack up laughing everytime I hear the intro)
  • "Shirt Off" (LMAO!!!  This is entertainment!!  "I take my shirt off and all the hoes STOP Breathing!!!  They really believe in themselves as artists... And for that, I commend them.)
  • Last but not least, "I'm A Star".  I am willing to give $50 to ANYONE that can tell me the lyrics to ANY verse... not the hook, a verse... 
Production is actually good, that's what carries the project.  The ad libs are priceless, and I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire mixtape.  

"Well Dayum Gucci" - Gucci Mane LaFlare aka Gucci Pacino

DC to ATL... The Footage...

Ok... so it's a little late, but I promised footage... I lost my camera so a lot of the good stuff (ciphers, pictures, video, etc...) is missing... SORRY.

Follow me.... 

Yes... I had THREE of those things... that's what you call getting it started... 

So... I arrived, got the drinks flowing, and had a cipher with the homies... but all that footage was lost on my camera.  Had a crazy Halloween night.  Saturday, hit the mall and a few Sneaker Boutiques... spent too much money.  Had a few Margaritas from Chipotle (QUALITY!), then hit Magic City and Onyx... Yazzur!!  Closed the night with "Flip Cup", next thing I knew, I was waking up at 6:30am for my flight.  Observe...

Unfortunately, didn't hit the studio, but we're cooking up something special... stay tuned!

Overall: Besides losing my camera... EXCELLENT TRIP!