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Pick-Me-Up Wednesday!!!

2008 has been a good year.  As we approach a new 365 days of funk and stuff, we must all stay focused on our goals and aspirations in hopes to become better people... OR, you could simply try not to end up like the people below.  DAMN.

Is he SOOOO Cool Now?
(If Lil' Wayne played baseball, would he be the "Best Slider Alive"?  Ok... not so good.  Cue the "WOMP WOMP".  Sorry.)

"White Men Can't..."

"Run for the..."

Silly, Silly Fuzz... There is no match for the speedy alien. (Ok, that might've been wrong to say... I kid, I kid...)

Ya know, when I've been doing my searches for funny videos, I haven't really been seeing anything that makes me say "DAMN, that's funny".  If you know of any sites or sources for the good stuff kids go for, hit me up at  Or, if you have anything else to hit me up for, feel free.  I'm a rapper, we have no lives beyond drinking, doing crimes, or ducking our illegitimate children (so THEY say).

However, question...
  • If you worked at a Senior Citizen's home and got assigned to take care of a mean old woman, how much would someone have to pay you to "Russian Roulette" her medication?
(For those that don't know what that means... that means to put an ecstasy pill in her container of, say, a month's worth of pills and just wait for the day she ends up taking it)
NOTE: She WON'T die, but she'll be extra "friendly"... isn't that helping her? 
  • For $250, would YOU "Russian Roulette" your medication?
Speaking of which... if a person is paralyzed from the waist down and they take Viagra, what happens?  If they're paralyzed from the neck down and take ecstasy, what happens?  For $1,000 and tickets to see Hurricane Chris in concert, would you lock yourself in a room with the paralytic and find out???


I'm cooking up some special stuff for the beginning portion of the year to spice up the blog and make things more interactive, be patient with me.  2009 WILL BE A GREAT YEAR!  Not because I said so, but because 2008 was spent planting the seeds!  I can show you better than I can tell you!!  

Stay Tuned.
L.@.Me. (Literally)

T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday!

And another one... I love doing this "segment" because it allows me to take time and look and old music from my team or put y'all up on the newness that is... "the future".  LEARN IT!

From the Point Blank Mixtape: Target Practice... 

This is one of my newer, random "Song-Jackings".  I hear a song, for some reason there's extra space... I take it (pause).  

Feels good to be great.


DISCLAIMER:  While this video doesn't really link to the song too much, I'm a fiend for powerful imagery and well, this is pretty good stuff.
Got this from

Nas - "Queens Get the Money" 
(Unofficial Video Directed by Racmaninoff Productions)

'Nuff Said. 

Bored + Eating = ............

They shoulda never gave MacBooks iSight.... 


Just when you thought people were getting a little more sensible...

I have nothing to say...

Pick-Me-Up T.Y.M.E. Machine Monedsday

Who missed me?!?!  I know...

In case you were wondering why there was no T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday this week, it's because I had a surprise waiting.  But before that, I must give you the much needed Pick-Me-Up for the Hump Day.  I'm on break for the Holidays, but things are still "Cold in the D", so I gotta give y'all a Christmas gift a lil early.  A bag of Fizzun for you fools.  Smile & Observe.

Disgusting, right?  But for $500 and free breadsticks, would YOU eat it?  Be honest!!!  Everyone has a price...

Wow... peep homegirl's wink at the end, LMAO!


fail owned pwned pictures
I couldn't even laugh at this, but just remember for Pick-Me-Up Wednesday, SOME people have it worse than you... tisk tisk tisk.

Ok, if you were in the congregation at this time, would you have laughed?  And don't lie either... 'cuz I might have... lol.  

Wal-Mart?  Atheist?!?!?
fail owned pwned pictures

Hope that brightened the day L.@.Me's.  

If not, there's something that's sure to please.  CRACK!!  Here's a past-time song with a futuristic twist...

Point Blank, Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., and Big L 
"Deadly Combination 2008"

Next up, new music from Mass Potential, Complete, G*Two, and Yours Truly!
"Cold Steel"

Yup... Merry Christmas suckas! 

Gotta Respect It.

Ok, not sure how you all will receive this one, but here goes.  The ladies'll prolly like it (good), and the fellas may front, but I think this is purty darn fly.  I'm not the most sensitive guy, but when someone takes the time to put something like this together, AND it deals with not only HEALTHY "Black Love" (hell, heathy love in general), but our NEW President, you gotta respect it.  Observe.  

That Musiq song is CRACK btw.  Shouts out to


Just bought the Stepbrothers DVD and it's probably one of my favorite movies... might even knock my old favorite, Talladega Nights out of its #1 slot... 

Here's my favorite deleted scene...

And a clip from my other favorite movie.  Gotta love harsh comedy!

Learn Something...

Shouts out to for posting the DMV YouTube Cypher on their page... GREAT LOOK!

How Does This Make You Feel?

I'm not gonna ask you to listen to the entire thing (though you should, there's some good stuff in here), but this is an interview with Plies the rapper/goon.  If you haven't heard his raps, then look him up.  He's been declared the "Future of Rap".  Observe his lyrics.  Listen to the grammar and content in his songs...

Now listen to this interview and PLEASE let me know how you feel about his speech during the interview.  He is VERY well-spoken, seems very intelligent, and appears to have a good head on his shoulders.  So much so that he seems to be the polar opposite of what he portrays in his lyrics?  Is this acceptable?  Or should he ALWAYS speak and act as a Goon should?  OR, is he not even a true Goon as a result of how he carries himself in this interview?  I'd like to know...



Geez... just left my dorm (Shouts out to Howard University for kicking me out for the Holidays) and during my transit I didn't get to provide Pick-Me-Up Wednesday!  But have no fear, I shall make up for it... NOW!

Just surfing the net... found some things you might like... Hopefully.

Not sure if i posted this before or not... but geez I think it's disgustingly funny! lmao!

FYI: I have to give a speech at my high school at 9am and for SOME reason i'm still up (which explains why I dunno how to take off this wack ass underline!  Either way, here's what I wanna know:

If you were the Vice President of a prestigious organization at your high school and had to give a speech to the current students about how the organization helped you prosper in college, would you, for a very fun and productive night in the studio, stay up all night and come to the speech smelling of "ignorant oil" and write your speech last minute in the bathroom, or be a good guy and go to sleep to get a nice wholesome rest?

Doesn't matter, clearly I've already chosen my fate.  This is the SECOND year in a row... smh.

Pray for me. Back to the studio! LMAO!

L.@.Me. I Made It!

Damn it feels good to see people up on it... No vapors here, though.  Much respect to and the entire DMV.  It's a good feeling seeing the mutual respect amongst people that care about their area.  

Check out the link: 

I'll definitely be back on the site... soon.  Learn It!

Shout out to Major!  And stay tuned to Howard University's college radio station WHBC Channel 51 830AM (Yup... I'm the General Manager, L.@.Me's holla at me to get on and shine).  If you want to check it out, go to and click "listen now".  We're off-air until January 26, 2009 but feel free to listen to the pre-recorded shows, music, and even interviews from T.I., Yung Berg, Swizz Beatz, and many more!

DMV Cypher Pt. 4: Lyriciss Flowz

Yes indeed.  Mo' crack fo' ya.  You already know how this goes... 

T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday!

Yeah, umm.... I was going to do this earlier but fell asleep after catching the "-itis" from one of the best Burritos I've ever had from this place called Chix off of U Street.  Tasty.  Anyways, when I wake up I realize that the post I put up yesterday for the "Bad News (Remix)" track with Kanye West was deleted.  How?  No clue.  Unless the Hip-Hop Police are checking the Under-Underground, maybe someone got in my account.  Either way, now the track's the past, but so good it's the future.  To whoever took the post down... Enjoy... AGAIN!

Ladies... we DO try (some of us).  Fellas, I Got US!

Does your MOM have NO DAMN SENSE?!?!

Well, she can't be much worse than Keyshia Cole's mother.  Fast-forward to about 2:25 into the video... what a mess. SMH.


But, to brighten your day, I found this little bundle of joy to be a delightful sight (if you're into that kinda thing)... 

Not sure if that makes 'Yeezy a positive or negative influence, but an influence nonetheless.  

Now, I must go back to putting together a track.  I'm done with finals as of THIS morning!!!  If you know anyone that can help do some fly and unique artwork for my upcoming mixtape, take some nice flicks, or press cds for the "lowski", lemme know.  It's a recession! lol 

Just Imagine...

Ok, so you're famous.  It doesn't matter what you do, just imagine that you are VERY well respected and admired by the public.  You MUST protect your reputation, right?  I can understand making sure you stay around the right crowd, setting a good example for the youth, and maintaining a sense of professionalism at all times...

But what happens when an obsessed (and awkwardly not-so-talented) fan does this?

Do you respond?  Do you ignore it?  What if someone asks you about it?  What would YOU do?  PLEASE comment, I have to prepare myself for the worst of situations upon stardom (just hopefully not THIS kind of situation) lol.

Shouts out to


I was thinking of how to reach a more broad demographic... the "edgier" crowd.

I'm nowhere near a thug...

I plan on graduating with Honors...

I live in the suburbs...

HOW THE HELL can I be accepted by the G's 
(beyond making GREAT music?!?!?)...

I've found the answer... scroll down to the bottom of the page.  "Mario Rampage".  For all my gun-toting, "never-cried", super thugs...

It's easy to play, fun, and gives you another reason to stay on my page! Lemme know what you think... (no offense to the thugs... j/k.  I'm sure INTERNET thugs know what THAT means)


Pick-Me-Up Wednesday

It seems like EVERY Tuesday, SOMEONE gives me a reason to need "Pick-Me-Up Wednesday" more and more.  For such situtations, I keep little doosies like today's barrage of giggles.  This is a mix of the humor I like, and a bit of the slapstick the kids go for...

First off, I want to preface today's "PMUW" with making it known that in this day and age, I expect for us to know how to act.  Courtesy.  Respect.  Humility.  But no, there are some people that just missed the memo about having some damn sense.  For them, I have brought a brief compilation of videos sent to me by my big brother Ryan, another avid internet-comedy connoisseur.  

I present: Great Moments in Human Interaction.

And MY personal favorite... 
That's Not My Wife


Ok... not your kind of humor?  Here's a classic that many have seen, but I can NEVER get enough of it.  No need for Dr. Carter... HIP-HOP IS ALIVE!

Lmao at the faces when homeboy uses profanity.... and why the host holding ol' boy like that?!?!
Shouts out to RP & T-Byrd for the videos.

Still itchin' for a Pick-Me-Up Mr. Biggums?

For $100,000 deposited in your bank account today, which of the following would you give up for life?
  • Cereal?
  • Brunch?
  • Dishwashers?
  • The left sock?
  • All of your photos?
  • Memories of all the TV/Movies you have ever seen?
  • Memories of your cousins?
  • The word "the"?
  • Running?
Fellas:  If you never got caught, would you cheat on your girlfriend or wife with...
  • Jenna Jameson?
  • Sanaa Lathan?
  • Vida Guerra
  • Halle Berry
  • The Olson Twins?
  • Adriana Lima?
  • All of the Victoria's Secret models at once?
  • The ghost of Harriet Tubman?
Ok everybody... last round.  We all know life's a gamble, right? 
  • Would you... risk your entire life savings on a coin toss if the payoff were 5 to 1? 10 to 1?
  • Would you... risk your left arm on a coin toss if the payoff were $5,000,000? $20,000,000?
  • Would you... risk your child's life on a coin toss if the payoff were $100,000,000? $500,000,000?
What would the payoff have to be to bet the following on a coin toss:
  • Your pet's life?
  • Your job?
  • Your marriage?

The worst person to lie to is yourself... hope you smiled today L.@.Me's!  Be sure to encourage everyone you know to follow the blog... spread the word and let's build a movement.  If we don't, who will?

Stay Tuned.  

L.@.Me's! We're getting stronger!!

New video... just in case you missed me... Classic rambling by yours truly.  Thanks for your support, it's only been a short period of time but we're up in numbers, that's motivation.  

L.@.Me's... this Bud's for you! 

WTF...? You Can't Be Serious (Part 2)

As I take a break from fusing together the 26 letters of the alphabet with strategically-placed instrumental compositions for the purpose of the public's musical enjoyment (aka writing verses for a new song), I hungrily await the completion of my oven-baked Stouffers TV dinner (lasagna w/ meat & sauce... PAUSE) and check out  Maybe not the best idea.

Ok, I know technology is a mutha-shut-yo-mouf and people can front like they're practically anyone nowadays, but for homeboy's sake, I PRAY that this is not Kevin Federline (of crazy-twat-showing-Britney-Spears fame).  Not because I like the guy, but because I don't want to see anyone die over a song... observe. 

Now I'm no Malcolm X, but am I the only person that wanted to walk outside a start a brief riot just now?  I thought not.  This is NOT a race thing, it's a respect thing.  Nuff Said.  Back to the music.... 

*Damn this is some good lasagna.  F*ck Louis Vuitton, I wanna be sponsored by Stouffers*

T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday!

Yesterday I mentioned "Good Music".  My profile states that I celebrate "all things QUALITY".  Some people ask why I do old music for T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday ('cuz I'm cooking crack for the future... duh).  But anyway, I figured I'll display some new music from T.Y.M.E. and its affiliates.  Enjoy suckas.... 

(DISCLAIMER: This is ONLY the tip of the iceberg.  Shouts out to Mass Potential, Bad Abbot, and G*Two.  Got collabs with them coming soon.  Check out their pages by clicking their names.)

Stay Tuned.  More to come.  TRUST ME!

WTF?? You Can't Be Serious...

Saw this on I hate to sound cynical, but I find it VERY hard to trust authority... ESPECIALLY police. Call it what you want, but this is the kind of stuff that makes people take justice in their own hands instead of seeking help from those that SHOULD be "enforcing" the "law".... SMH.

Don't You Like Good Music?

I do... 

This is what I'm listening to right about now... 

Ricosuave - "I'm So Fly" (I wanted this beat, but can't be mad at what the homie did... QUALITY!)  Might have to get some remix action on that if you reading this Rico, lol.

Mass Potential featuring G*Two - "Procrastination"
(This is an older track that I JUST heard... but better late than never... FIYAH!!!)

B.P. Cooper - "Follow Me"
(Quality over the "One More Drink" instrumental.  Smooth sailing on these hoes...)

These are the main things on rotation in the iTunes... enjoy!

DMV YouTube Cypher Pt. 3: G*Two

Part 3...

We're 3-0 right now with the Cyphers.  
Lyriciss Flowz up next... Go In (Pause).


If you didn't check out the new track "Serious" I posted two days ago, please check it out.  I appreciate the feedback I've gotten from the public, I'm glad you all are diggin' it.  Listening to it I kept thinking about the simple phrase "I'm serious about this music" and couldn't help but to think about the difference between those that are truly "serious" about their craft and those that aren't.  I could probably go on for days about what I think are some of the differences that would set the two apart, but I don't care to at 4:45 in the morning, so I won't.  

What I will do, is show you two videos that struck a nerve and show what it means to be "serious" about something.  Pardon me, but it's soapbox time.  For those that think higher... enjoy, or at least just closely consider the following.

A Milli... what?

A Letter to the "Successful..."

Just something I thought would be thought-provoking to those that encourage that type of thing.  Shouts out to and

I'm supposed to be performing tonight around 8pm at Howard University's College of Medicine at 520 W Street NW, 3rd Floor.  Something for the Graduate Students.  Come through if you get a chance.  Shouts out to LCD.

Pick-Me-Up Wednesday

And we're back youngsters!  Pick-Me-Up Wednesday!  Hope you enjoy the videos and they help you get over the hump (Pause... if that's even necessary).  You're comments are appreciated, thanks for everyone that's been hitting me up on and off of the comments page.

Soo.... does MSNBC keep it TOO Real?!?!?  You be the judge...

This is for all the trap n*ggas, block n*ggas, my street n*ggas.   
Shouts out to my cousin "Byrd" in that video.  He's doing major things in Cali right now with the acting, be on the lookout for him.  You might've seen him for a quick moment in Radio and Coach Carter.  

I love music for its efforts in breaking the language barrier and all, but this is OD.  SMH.  "Tuts Mah Bahday"

One of my favorites of all-time!  Live performance of T-Baby's "It's So Cold in the D"

And the cover...

Hope you guys are more lifted... a few more days to go and we've reached the weekend!  I'm taking final exams now and this SUCKS.

And back by popular demand (not so much):
During your child's well-attended 5th birthday party, would you, for $50,000...
  • Do acid?
  • Crack?
  • PCP?
  • Pot?
  • Chainsmoke?
  • Get very drunk?
  • Smoke opium and dress up as a demented elderly Asian man?
Not so sure about how life'll be with the kids?  Understood... ok:
  • Would you... watch a porno movie starring your parents for $1,000?  $10,000? $100,000?  What's your price?
  • Would you... watch a porno movie with your parents for $1,000? $10,000? $100,000?
  • Would you... star in a porno movie and then screen it with your grandparents for $100,000?  $1,000,000 for a scene with the same sex?  $10,000,000 for anything involving an ostrich, a slab of beef fat, and multiple wiffle ball bats?

It's ok if you feel uncomfortable answering, but you KNOW you have an answer in your head.  I'll leave you with this one:
  • Would you... attempt to eat 60 McDonald's hamburgers in 1 hour for $1,000?
  • Would you... attempt to run a Marathon in under 3 hours for $500,000 (you have 1 year to train)?
  • Would you... attempt to hold your bowel movements for 2 weeks for $50,000?
  • Would you... attempt to masturbate to orgasm 10 times in a 24 hour period for $2,400?  Using only PBS for your viewing pleasure?  Using only pictures of from STD Informational brochures?
Everyone can be bought.  Whether or not you face facts, you've already made your decision my dear readers... mwahahahaha!!!

Enjoy your days.


T.Y.M.E. Machine... Tuesday?!?!?

Ahhhh Hell Naw!!!

A wise man once told me not to fall off before I get on... I feel like that's what ALMOST happened.  I apologize for not posting T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday.  I know some people wait for that like the 1st and 15th, lol.  Anywho, I figured I'd try to make up for it with some quality crack-milk for the hungry children.  

"Hey Ice, how you gonna do that?" You ask.  

Wale - "Nike Boots"
(This is pretty darn major)

Then, we give you the SUPER Remix featuring me and the homie AP (Ok, it's not official, but sometimes it be's like that).  I'm not sure if this is all a trip to the past ("Nike Boots" is an old song) or the future (this IS the Future of the DMV at a glance).  Not sure... but does it really matter?  Enjoy.

Letter to the L.@.Me's (and anyone else reading)
Again, my bad for the brief hiatus.  If only you knew what I was cooking up in my absence from you all, you MIGHT forgive me.  However, no excuses, it's almost 2009 and I should do better.  That's what blogging is for, right?  Don't worry, I got us...