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All I'mma is just recognize that FNFG is making moves! 

Porn star Jayla Starr is getting set to release her directorial debut "There's Something About Jayla..." which will feature the song "U Go Girl" by myself and Lil Dee from the FNFG "Lead By Example" mixtape. Here goes a nice lil promo video for the fellas... I wouldn't play this at work tho!
Shouts to the homie Clif Soulo for the connect!

SMH. You better LEARN IT!

Lucky a.k.a. Mark Milly's "Memory Loss"

Released Online: 12.17.09 @ 12 midnight (Mark Milly's B-Day).

Happy Birthday to ya homie! 

Since then it has been labeled as [1] of thee best mixtapes to EVER be released from a Baltimore area recording artist.
Good music from start to finish!
a DOPE [concept] project nonetheless...


That artwork is siiick.
Be on the lookout for an ill collab w/ myself and the Y.H.G.M. crew coming soon!

#MusicMonday - Ice the Villain "Pretty Wings Rmx" & "Say Aah"

I've realized that while I've been QUITE productive lately, you guys (the MOST important people in this entire situation), wouldn't really know.  Of course it's not your fault, but I've been posting funny videos and supporting others so much that I haven't really been keeping you guys up to speed with me.  

So, for this #MusicMonday I bring you two songs.  One is my version of Maxwell's "Pretty Wings", and the second is an added verse to Trey Songz' "Say Ahh".


Maxwell & Ice the Villain - "Pretty Wings Rmx"

Trey Songz & Ice the Villain - "Say Aah Rmx"

Props to DJ Uneek and B.P. Cooper for spinnin that "Say Aah" at Club 24 in DC the other night. #FNFG

G*Two at the Beat Clash in DC

The footage below is of the homie G*Two performing live at the Beat Clash held in Washington, DC.  You should be quite familiar with G*Two as he has been featured on the site quite a bit.  Pardon the sound quality, but you can clearly hear that the response was niiiice. Make sure you have his latest LP, "Sun's Out, Guns Out" with a guest appearance by yours truly.

Video courtesy of D. Omen


D.M.V. Disciples (Hosted by DJ Beanz).  This project is an ill compilation of some of the DMV's most talented (which of COURSE means that I'm on it).  You've heard my feature before ("In Luv Witta Villain"), but you should definitely check out some of the other acts in the area as well.  Feel free...


Mr. Brewsky's Bar & Grill

Check out the homie Mr. Brewsky (aka Oral the Comedian), a rising comedian that's been killin' shows in the area and throughout the country. He's got a YouTube show he does often called "Mr. Brewsky's Bar & Grill" that is hilarious. Here's a few episodes.

You can also hear more from Mr. Brewsky as he gives a rather enlightening perspective of sports on the "Speak On It" section of your #1 spot for all your sports needs,  Look for some quality moves being made with Mr. Brewsky, myself, and LCD coming right around the corner!

Operation Weezy F. Baby

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

Ice the Villain in XPOSURE Mag

During my most recent trip to ATL to release "The Relationship", I had the honor of being interviewed by Goldyn Smith, the woman behind Xposure Magazine, the new publication to hit streets catering to urban music, fashion and lifestyle.  We get into the state of Hip-Hop in my DMV hometown, my history and future in music, as well as the response to "The Relationship".

KLASSAct - Buttafly Bounce

New music from KLASSAct, an upcoming trio from Atlanta, GA made up of MR., Phresh Ali and Ka-mil-eon.  The track is called "Buttafly Bounce".  I've just been put onto their music by the homie LCD (who produced the track by the way) and I must say that this song is FAR more than the typical infectious strip club song.  Not only does the beat GO (no bias), but the lyrics are quality as well.  So you can differentiate, Phresh Ali is on the 1st verse, MR. on the 2nd and Ka-mil-eon adds her vocals during the chorus:

SNL Digital Short Skit


"Cover Of A Man"

Check out the trailer for "Cover Of A Man", an independent film directed by my cousin by my cousin Terrell Byrd (currently out in Cali doing his acting/directing thing).    The trailer is pretty self explanatory so I'll let you watch for yourself.  It should be a great movie.  I'll keep you posted on the release. 

My cousin is the guy that was in the bed w/ the gun when the two chicks crept in on him. LOL.

Mass Potential - "Uncle Ruckus"

New music by the homie Mass Potential, from the upcoming 
"Something Like Nothing Else" 
mixtape, mixed and hosted by the MVA's own DJ Soundwave.  
Enjoy and look for the mixtape first quarter 2010.


I think ANYONE could appreciate a good parody, so here are a few I think you'll like.  I'm putting the originals first just to get you in the right zone...

Juelz Santana & Cam'ron - Dipset (Santana's Town)

Shouts out to Internet Goon for putting me on!

Trey Songz - Invented Sex

Don't front... you enjoyed 'em!


Yo folks!! I'm sure you guys are probably all on Twitter, and if not, then just know that #MusicMonday is when people shine some light on whatever music they're playing at the time (oftentimes an outlet for artists/producers to promote their material).

Anyhow, I have two joints I want to post up for you guys that I think you all will like.  Peep game!

Lonzo is an upcoming artist from my alma mater, Howard University, and homie's got some quality talent.  He goes in over the Gucci Mane "Wasted" track, so check him out and download HERE!

FNFG's own, and  my cousin, B.P. Cooper, releases one of the first tracks from his upcoming project, "Insomnia".  You've heard him all over the most recent FNFG project, "Lead By Example", but now the homie is getting some shine of his own.  Check him out!

These tracks should be added to your iPods, mix CD's, etc ASAP, so get to it!  I'll be sure to keep you posted on these guys as they continue to get their shine on.  Don't say I didn't put you on!

Power of the P.U.S.S.Y.


Ladies: "Suck a Dick & Save Your Life"

A link between breast cancer and fellatio??
I'm not even going to weigh in on this... 
just read the article, courtesy of Allie XXX

Clif Soulo Gets the Artist Spotlight!

     The homie Clif Soulo is getting some well-deserved shine, folks!  He's been featured here a few times, so you SHOULD be familiar with him, but if not here's your late pass.  Clif was recently interviewed by and I must say it was a great interview.  I won't type forever because I want you to read the article, so GET TO IT!

If you don't have his latest project, Forever Be Hip Hop, get it HERE!

Mad Dog - Plenty Money Freestyle

I have NOTHING to say to prepare you for this... 

Gotta respect true freestyling tho... I suppose


As you all may or may not know, LCD was recently chosen as one of the participants in the Atlanta, Ga "I dO Music" showcase.  In case you don't know exactly what that is, here's the scoop (taken from Bout Dat Blog)

Because of all your support and comments (and a quality audition), I've been selected to be one of 4 producers showcased at the upcoming "I dO Music" networking event in Atlanta, GA. If you DON'T know about "I dO Music", it's the premiere music networking event in Atlanta and takes place on the first Thursday of every month. Artists, producers, songwriters, bands, A&Rs, execs will all be in attendance, with an estimated crowd of 5-600 people. Make sure you're there if you're in or around the ATL and do ANYTHING related to music. The details:

What: "I dO Music" networking event

When: Thursday, November 5th @ 7:00pm

Where: "The Loft" at Center Stage. Atlanta, GA

More Info: 

"The Relationship" (Chopped & Screwed) by DJ Uneek

I'm a southern boy regardless of where I'm from, and anyone from/in the South (that I've ever met at least) HAS to respect some good chopped & screwed music (RIP DJ Screw).  With the crazy response that "The Relationship" has been getting, which is slowly beginning a snowball effect leading into some pretty big things, it's only right that FNFG's own, DJ Uneek (@UneekSound), put his DJ'ing expertise to work and even further the masterpiece.  I HOPE you didn't just think "Lead by Example" was the entirety of DJ Uneek's talent!  I must say, he did a damn good job w/ this one and I'm happy to have him bless the project.  It's crazy hearing my voice C&S, but I think you'll like this one. 

Pour up (WHATEVER it is you pour), light up, and sit back... 

This is only the beginning, World. Watch what we do next!

Can You Spare 99 cents?

Wassup folks... we finally got "Met Her On Twitter" up on iTunes. So, it would mean a lot to LCD, Lil Dee and myself if y'all would click on the button below and buy it!

The Contrarians - Met Her On Twitter

It's also available on Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, Napster and just about every other digital outlet. Just search for "Met Her On Twitter" by The Contrarians!

We appreciate the love and support!

This is the beginning of history... TRUST ME!



"The Relationship", produced ENTIRELY by LCD. this project is one of those special ones.  I am not being biased, but I sincerely feel like this is a timeless piece of work.  I put a LOT into this project and I feel like it's my best work yet.  10 tracks, each its own level within the cycle of  "The Relationship".  No matter who you are, I am sure you would be able to relate to at LEAST one song on this project. 

I won't talk you up, I'll let the music speak for itself!

LCD Needs YOUR Help!!

From Mr. Bout Dat Money:

For those that don't know, "I dO Music" is THE premiere networking and promotional event for black music in Atlanta... it's held on the 1st Thursday of every month and they have a few performers and a beat battle. You already know I'm tryna get in this beat battle, right??? 

Basically I submitted a beat, and they select the contestants based on quality of the beat and general response..... that's where y'all come in. Here's what I need you to do:

1. Click on this link and listen to "SUMTHIN FOREIGN"

2. Sign up for a FREE SoundCloud account (only takes a couple minutes)

3. Leave me a comment saying how HOT the beat is.... and no, you won't be lying cause that shit is some fiiiiii

That's it! 5 minutes outta your day.... all help is greatly appreciated and i'll try to include you in my Grammy acceptance speech ;-) 

Clif Soulo - Forever Be Hip Hop

Anybody familiar with what I do here (or anywhere for that matter) knows that I only support quality stuff.  This is no exception.  I present to you "Forever Be Hip Hop" by Clif Soulo.  Clif Soulo hails from Oakland, California, and while I've never personally met him (Twitter is a mofo, ain't it) I can say that not only is homie's music on point, he's one of the few real down-to-earth cats that I know of.  Usually just knowing that is enough for me to support someone's work, but if you're still not sold, perhaps you'd like to know that this project is Clif spittin' over some classic instrumentals by Common.  On top of that, the project was mixed and mastered by none other than the mixing extraordinaire, LCD!

Yup, this is that good ol' Hip Hop... 

And while you're at it, check out another one of my favorite tracks of Clif's that I featured before:

Just What I've Been On...

While preparing for the release of a classic project, "The Relationship" (produced ENTIRELY by LCD), I've been doing a lot of working, thinking, recording, and surfing the net.  These two videos have done quite a good bit to inspire my hunger (don't ask why, they just have...)



Ice the Villain on DJBooth.Net

Be sure to check out DJBooth.Net! I'm one of the featured artists, along with some other VERY respectable artists that are makin' BIG noise in the game.  It's quite an honor, and while I could go on forever about how much this means to me, I'd rather spare you and let you just read up.  This is just the beginning, folks... L.@.Me!

"Late Night Special" - Joshua "OD" Mitchell

First thing's first, let's be clear... I am not a big fan of Gospel Rap (and no offense, a lot of traditional Gospel music as well).  At times it can be a bit more of a sermon put to music than I care for, but that's the same reason I don't care for today's music that TELLS me how to dress, dance, and act instead of allowing me to choose on my own... Ya know??

Anyway, that's neither here nor there.  A former Howard University classmate of mine by the name of Joshua "OD" Mitchell has recently dropped a Gospel mixtape called "Late Night Special" (if you listen to interviews on the project you'll understand the name better).  Not only does he have a crisp flow that would be appreciated by any fan of Hip-Hop and lyricism in general, but when he sings on his tracks, the vocals are just as impressive.

This project is not "preachy", nor does it have him painting himself as more Holy than the listener, which I really respect.  Songs like "How Far Can I Go" tell a story of the battle between lust and loyalty to God, while songs like "I Need You", "Outcry", and "Thank You (So Amazing)" are testimonials and messages to the world of his love for his Lord... I can dig it. 

A much appreciated supporter of my music, I've been following his career for a good bit and have seen him continue and blossom over the years.  Please support the homie and get hip to quality.... 

Players - Mr. Brewsky's "Speak On It"

If you've been following my blog (like you SHOULD be) then you already know I got much love for my folks over at Players Voice, the #1 website for SPORTS talk (not gossip and random banter, SPORTS talk).  Now I won't lie, I'm not the biggest sports buff there is, but whenever I need to know what's going on I check them out at Players Voice.  

I've been loving their latest segment, "Speak On It" w/ Mr. Brewsky, every Wednesday.  The segment is now on its 3rd Week and is not only informative for those that are not big on sports, but also quite funny and exciting for those that are.  

Check it out NOW!  

Gotta respect that they showed your boy love w/ the musical selection!  
Bookmark this site and stay on top of the latest in 
Sports Talk! Interviews Lil Dee

"IT'S YA HOMIE LIL DEE!"  Fellow FNFG member and homie Lil Dee recently sat down with to discuss his newest moves and plans for his upcoming mixtape.  The Florida representative is definitely someone you want to be on the lookout for.  BIG things on the way for him.  Check out the interview below:

Have you laughed today??

I thought Hot Chicks With Douchebags was funny, but this is HILARIOUS!!

The P.R.E.P.S. (ft. Kia Shine & Dirty Fresh) - White Vee [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

And it begins!!  New video by The P.R.E.P.S. featuring Kia Shine & Dirty Fresh called "White Vee".  Got that good "get fresh" feel to it, w/ the production supplied by the homie LCD (hear that "Bout Dat Money" at the beginning???  We tried to tol' em, and w/ his move to ATL October 1, 2009, this is just he start of MANY more songs you'll be hearing him lace.  You might wanna get with it now, because it'll look wack when you join the bandwagon later lol!

Xposure Magazine x LCD

The homie LCD recently got a chance to chop it up with Xposure Magazine, an urban magazine catering to urban music, fashion, and lifestyle) for their premiere issue.  Goldyn Smith, the mastermind behind the magazine, is an incredible entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA and has big plans for this publication, which is well on its way to being a BIG DEAL!  Mr. Bout Dat Money is featured on page 8.  I won't have you reading what I type, get to the article already!!

50 Cent @ Howard University

Curtis recently visited my alma mater to speak about his upcoming book w/ Robert Greene, "The 50th Law".  Here are some clips:

Barack Obama's Speech to the Children

A BLACK man speaking to encourage education to our children.  
Is THIS what folks were so afraid of? 

All in all, good speech. Good stuff.

Video: Three Six Mafia x Alice in Wonderland - "Smokin on the Dro"

HAD to post this, HILARIOUS! 

"In Luv Witta Villain" at FUR Nightclub w/ Wale

Look what I found!  This is footage from a while back when I had the honor of being onstage w/ the likes of Wale & Southeast Slim at FUR Nightclub in Washington, DC.  Of course the homie LCD captured the footage of what is sure to be the beginning stages of an epic career.  L.@.Me's, I WILL make you proud.  Watch what we do next!!!

 Oh, and in case you missed the chance to download the "In Luv Witta Villain" track... 
you know I got you!


Jairus Johnson - "So High"

Good talent speaks for itself, and that especially when I try to give an explanation of something on my blog, because I don't have to say much.  Here's Jairus Johnson, a very talented singer that I was honored to have as the ONLY feature on my upcoming project, "The Relationship". 

See why here:

Told ya.  Shouts out to the homie Kev!

Howard University Protests!

Yazzur!  After many years of consistent BS from Howard's Administration and many faculty members, the students finally stand up and demand change!  I wish I could be there, but I was there in spirit.  HU I see you!

Even fellow alumnus Diddy weighed in on the protest!

Wale - Roc4Life Interview

Here's an interview that the Ambassador himself did for a Roc4Life interview series.  He speaks on the upcoming album, beef, internet f**kery, a DMV Slaughterhouse (where yours truly is mentioned), and more... 

Part 2

Also, check out the artwork for Wale's new album, Attention Deficit below

If you don't mind, I'd like to say, "Great minds think alike"!!!  

Am I reaching?? Lol. Either way, shouts out to Wale. 
Looking forward to the album

Mass Potential - "The Rejects Ziptape"

The homie Mass Potential comes with yet another amazingly creative concept for a project... "The Rejects Ziptape".  Put simply, it's comprised of the tracks that didn't make his previous mixtapes (hence, "rejects").  Honestly, I can't really explain this in words, so I STRONGLY advise you guys to download/listen to this project ASAP. You GOTTA respect the homie puttin' it all out there for the public. Plus, don't think by "rejects" it's all wack music... Not at all!!  See for yourself...

Let this hold you over until the release of the next mixtape from Mass Potential, "Something Like Nothing Else".  I'm on there w/ a few other great MC's so be sure to check it out. I'll post it on here...

"Handle With Care"

New music from Mass Potential (feat. Cayan, G*Two, and Myself), called "Handle With Care", from Mass Potential's upcoming "Somethin' Like Nothin' Else".  Four of DMV's nicest MC's going in and giving you the feel of that good ol' classic Hip-Hop.

Also don't forget Mr. Potential's unanticipated random assortment-tape "The Rejects Ziptape", which is literally just a compilation of all of the songs that didn't make it on other mixtapes. It will be available August 31, 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: Can't wait to hear these two projects!


I've watched this video MORE than a few times, and each time I can't get this grin off my face.  It's incredible seeing some of Hip-Hop's elite just sitting around a table drinking beer and spitting bars.  No bickering, no jealousy, no disrespect, ALL CLASSIC!!

Told Ya!  One day I'll share a moment like this with the new generation of greats... mark my words!

Sun's Out, Guns Out LP

Yup, it's finally here... 

"Sun's Out, Guns Out" but the homie G*Two.  Ten tracks all produced by The Congregation, and definitely a way to close the summer PROPERLY.  Don't miss out on this... this is just the beginning of great things to come for the homie G*Two.

Mouse aka the Waldorf Posterboy - "Countdown to 1.5"

If you know one thing about Mouse aka the Waldorf Posterboy, it's that his grind is INCREDIBLE and he is 200% passionate about his work (I guess if you DIDN'T know... you know now lol). Anyhow, he's been putting this project together for quite some time w/ many obstacles, but the masterpiece is finally here! This project features a number of great artists (including yours truly & FNFG) along w/ some great producers as well. Mixed by LCD, you can expect nothing but perfection from one of the DMV's most promising artists. PLEASE don't sleep... GET HIP.

Oh yeah, wanna know how passionate Mr. Mouse is about his work? Not only do you get "Countdown to 1.5" in this download, but also "Countdown to 1.5 Part II (The Vault), damn near another ENTIRE project to hold the fans over until the rocket ship officially takes off... M-O!!!

G*Two - Sunrise

Honestly, I don't have much to say for what's about to happen, folks... I'll let the man of the moment speak:

*clears throat* It's been a long time ejaculating. Get it? I present to you, the debut video for 'Sunrise'. The intro track for my new LP entitled: Sun's Out, Guns Out. Enjoy. Tell a friend to tell a friend. To ask your mother. Peace!

Sunrise [Trailer] from Ronald Gathers on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, did you see me in there? DAMN RIGHT! Make sure you download that Sun's Out, Gun's Out!!

FNFG - "Lead By Example"




 Shouts out to DJ Anonymous & DJ Uneek for mixing the project!! 
I'll let the music speak for itself!

Shouts out to:

New DMV Music!!

Coming from two of my favorite DMV MC's: G*Two and Mass Potential, CHECK IT OUT!!!

G*Two x The Congregation - "She Like It" (Feat. kaZ & Cadi Mac)

"Bill's Toupee" by Mass Potential Feat. Jai' Blazin"
New project from Mass Potential coming soon...


Leak from the upcoming FNFG mixtape,, I present, "Flow Dope". From the upcoming FNFG mixtape, "Lead by Example".

In order of appearance: Lil Dee, Phil Ade, Pro'Verb, LCD, Ice the Villain, Chainz.

Clif Soulo - Summertime Love

New Music from the homie Clif Soulo.  If you're not familiar, here's your chance.  This is his new single "Summertime Love".  This has a quality summer feel and the title speaks for itself.  I'm definitely feeling this because I just wrapped up "The Relationship" so I'm still stuck in that mode.  Check it out!

A note from Clif Soulo himself:

Here is the new joint I'm pushing right now, Summertime Love (produced by the homie Sammy J). The title pretty much sums it up, laid back, feel good joint for the summer. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh, and funny story about this song. I wrote this in may-ish, early june right. And I was getting stressed the hell out because If I didn't get a chance to record this soon enough, I'd either have to wait until next summer or put it out in the fall/winter (which would be kinna silly). So shouts out Noah and Coogler Studios for letting me do my thang and get this joint finished, otherwise this might have been on the shelf like my other project (forever be hip hop) for the moment anyways.

Until Next time...


Clif Soulo

Chainz Spazzes!!

Anyone that knows ANYTHING about my lyrical partner in crime, Chainz, knows that when he's on a beat, it gets killed.  This video is no exception... be on the lookout for his mixtape on the way, "Scatterbrain".

More Real Talk - The TONY YAYO Edition

I don't know what's going on, but I'm really getting surprised by some of the behavior I've seen as of late.  Some of my favorite and most respected celebrity figures are losing their minds, and the ones that I thought were completely lost are impressing me.  Yesterday was Ms. K Steffans, and today is none other than Tony Yayo.

I posted this especially for those of you that are involved in groups, cliques, movements, etc.  Tony Yayo drops some quality knowledge about playing one's role within a machine, and even loyalty.  The recurring breakdown of powerful machines is really annoying me in Hip-Hop, so maybe this will help give some perspective... enjoy.