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I'll plead the 5th...


Bored... Jan. 22

This is a week late (it wouldn't upload), but the facts still remain. Don't mind me... 


     Let me preface this post by getting this understood... when I stand behind something, I ALWAYS have a reason.  You may not always agree with my reason, but I will have a reason.  The same goes for this case...  

I have been listening to this project, Marsha Ambrosius' "Yours Truly" mixtape since I went on break from Howard University for Christmas and New Year's Holidays.   Every time I hear it, it feels like a brand new body of work.  EVERYTHING is original (to my knowledge, at least), and the production is exceptional.  It's a good listen for cleaning in the crib, doing homework, relaxing, riding home from dates, and just zoning out when you want to get away from the sometimes overly-aggressive Hip-Hop scene.  I have NEVER heard a MIXTAPE like this, it FEELS like an ALBUM (correction: a GREAT ALBUM).  The "Songstress" from Floetry is a FORCE on the solo tip.

Enough gassing... PLEASE download this NEAR-FLAWLESS body of work and pass it along if you believe in QUALITY and PURE TALENT!  Ladies, you'll thank me later.  Fellas... YOU'LL thank me later. 


If you're wondering why I've typed so much.  It's 1:30am and I have a term paper due in the morning that I DO NOT want to do for my Black Aesthetics class (sad, I know).

Back to work...

$100 to whoever knows the lyrics...

Ok, maybe not... but what the HELL is Ryan Leslie saying?

I still like the feel of the song tho... smh.


Ice the Villain x Mass Potential

Many of you have heard the track I did a while back called "Serious"... well, the homie Mass Potential helped me up the ante with "Seriouser".  This is merely a display of our lyrical prowess as we return to the track and demolish it.  

I wanted to post a lil' video I did a while back that my brother recorded on one uneventful evening, but the file is acting up, so maybe I'll post it if it ever works.

Anywho... click the song title and download greatness!

Pick Me Up Wednesday!!!

Guess what jerntz?!?!  This marks my 100th Post on!  It may not mean much to you, but it's something to me!

It's only right to make this a Pick-Me-Up Wednesday, so without further adieu!


V-Day is on the way...

I guess this would only be funny if you've seen "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"

Follow the signs???... smh
fail owned pwned pictures

We need these in DC
fail owned pwned pictures

AGAIN... we need these in DC lmao!
fail owned pwned pictures


Don't let the size fool you FOOLS!

Now, I'd like to provoke some thought in your minds for the 100th post, so put this in your earhole...

  • If you were a type of pie, what would you be?
  • If you were  a driving violation (speeding, parking by a hydrant, DWI, broken tail light, etc.), what would you be?
  • If you were a board game, what would you be? (Twister, Yahtzee, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, etc.)
  • If your mom were a movie character, who would she be?
  • If your mom were a natural disaster (hurricane, tidal wave, etc), what would she be?
  • If you had a band, what would the name be? (A few things to consider: The Starch, Black Pancreas, Hobbit Pimp, Tubman... I've thought about "A Break from Piece"... DON'T STEAL IT!)
Ok, I have a meeting and a class to go to, so I'll go through the snow and get to the grind.  Have a grand day and don't forget to smile!!  Peace!

Thanks G.W. Bush!

For that KIND letter you left President Obama!


Got Gospel?

I do.
There sure is a lot of good music coming out...
This mixtape is a lil change of pace for the blog, but just as necessary nonetheless.
These brothers are students at Howard Univerity and doing their thing really big, spreading the message... I won't wrap you up too much, but do believe this is a good download for all, despite your creed.  With no further delay. Click the link.


Black Boy White Boy

I was looking through my iTunes and noticed that I never highlighted this AMAZING mixtape!  I didn't even know when it came out until my homie Matt from Morehouse let me know about it.  For most people that get a chance to see what I listen to, Young Dro is up there with Gucci Mane as far as entertainment, but he can actually rap.  I also like Yung LA, but he's newer so I'm not too fond yet.

Anyway, check out this mixtape, "Black Boy Swag, White Boy Tags".  The skits are hilarious, and you can really tell that this is how these gentleman act on a DAILY, NO ACTING! LMAO!

Highlight Tracks:
  • Take Off
  •  Ain’t I (Remix)
  • Freestyle
  • Young Dro & Yung LA - Shower
  • All The Money (ITV Note: STRIP CLUB ANTHEM)
  • Party
  • So Futuristic
  • Excuse Me (ITV Note: I sing this hook around my mom all the time, HILARIOUS!)
  • Who Got Strong Freestyle
  • Still Selling Drugs
  • Bonus
Shouts out to Matt & Rick.

Oh yeah, and check out this mixtape I found looking through, just click the mixtape artwork below, download, and enjoy.  It's a very eclectic and entertaining mixtape to say the least... LEARN IT!

Shouts out to Chill.

Mouse aka The Waldorf Posterboy Presents...

M.O. Betta Vol. 1!!!


Shouts out to the Outsiders!

What you think?

I'll just let you watch... any opinions?

And if you're quick to ignore THAT, give this a look.  

For the Record: I am NOT saying I do not support President Obama, nor am I saying I'm not proud of the history that's been made.  I'm just encouraging you all to stay open-minded.  

Shouts out to RealTalkNY.Net and the homie Pro'Verb.


We're back again for the next installment of "Chuuch".  Just a little something for you to marinate on.  I love reading my folks posting something of substance on their pages (cuz I usually do all the nonsensical stuff, lol).  

Anyways, check out this post the homie Ricosuave put up on his page on a VERY complex topic: Black Love.  


That's Powerful... Shouts out to Ricosuave.

Ladies, how you feel about this one?

Jada says she doesn't mind Will "lusting" for other women.  This is an old article, but I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Fellas, feel free to chime in as well.

Click the pic for the article


Post on FTDMVO

This is a good look.  This is only the beginning!

Shouts out to Dre, Judah, and LCD!


"Get Gucci Mane home to be a part of the smoke-a-thon"?!?!?
Bring Bless his heart

DMV YouTube Cypher 7 - B.P. Cooper

Lucky 7?  Get 'em Cuzzo!!!

"KILL"!!  lmao.  
You DID that, AND went back to the Standard 16... gotta love it.
Can't wait to hear Syxx on there...

Pick Me Up Wednesday!!!

Wow... after such a great day last night (minus the CRAZY cold), let's keep up the momentum with "PMUW".  Personally, I need to laugh right now, so join me!

Need a few encouraging words?
Sorry, but whoever owns this might as well invest in rope, razors, or pharmaceuticals...

U mad!!! lmao!

U already know how I feel about "them". smh.

Not sure how many of you watched inauguration to watch Obama get sworn in, but he had a bit of a struggle getting the words right... observe.

And now, a special treat for my more sensitive readers.  If you're into "love" and the craziness that comes along with it.  Check out this upcoming feature film.  Looks promising...

Ok, so I'm not the best at this whole "love thing", and I've been caught in a few lies, but damn... this next piece is what I would like to call...

fail owned pwned pictures

I don't even know what to say after that, but I DO know I've got class soon and have done NONE of the work I was supposed to do.  Guess I was doing too much enjoying the whole Inaugration craze a little too much.  Oh well, back to the routine...


I was thinking of something cool to say, but couldn't think of anything.  All I know is I'm thankful that my people are so strong.  To be a part of a culture that breeds men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is incredible.  We've come so far, and with President Obama, there's no telling how far we can go.

Martin Luther King - "I Have a Dream" Speech

"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk/ Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run/ Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly/ so I'mma spread my wings, you can meet me in the sky" 
- Jay-Z "My President is Black Remix"

*Cue Kanye West "Robocop*

A wise man once said...

"I keep my head, both of them where they supposed to be..." - Jay-Z

Guess they never heard "Can I Live".  Idiots.


'Nuff said...

Wow.... I'm Buying Three!

One to NEVER open, one to drink, one for a SPECIAL occassion!

Now before you get the wrong idea, read the article. It's for a good cause!

We expect much of New York to be celebrating Barack Obama’s inauguration next Tuesday, and so does Hennessy. The cognac-maker is selling a limited-edition bottle (180,000 were produced) in honor of our 44th president. “This collector-edition, individually numbered bottle will further cement Hennessy’s roots in the urban community, with a percentage of proceeds being donated to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to help enable America’s next generation of leaders,” said a well-intentioned press release. You can purchase a bottle in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Illinois, New York City, and Georgia for just $30 dollars. The president-elect isn’t much of a drinker, but if anything’s going to drive you to the liquor cabinet, it’s being the leader of the free world. He might want to find a different brand, though: North Korea’s Kim Jong Il is said to be a huge Hennessy fan. In our hearts, Obama is a whiskey-neat kind of guy.

"My President is Black"

Inauguration! Let the Festivities Begin!! 

"Chuuch": The Series...

Ok.  So I pride myself on affiliating with some cool folks.  Folks that are NOT haters, NOT lame (unless we're talking "L.@.Me"), and enjoy QUALITY music.  I frequent blogs with SUBSTANCE (mainly Ricosuave, Mass Potential, Bout Dat Blog, GoadomeTalk, Heartless., G*Two, This "QUIET" kid, The Art of Expression, The Chillspot, a few others that I can't think of off top, the list goes on...)

Bottom line is... these particular blogs not only give you the funny and entertaining, but the thought-provoking and profound.  So, I'm gonna give something new a try.  I present to you, "Chuuch".  This is when I take time out to not focus on myself so much and direct you to some quality that you may have otherwise missed out on (unfortunately).  This will be the vitamin that you miss out on by just going to and  Not to say those aren't cool "fast-food" spots, but sometimes you need substance (see, I took that concept from Mass Potential, minus the part, lol).  Either way, I'll be spotlighting some of the stuff my folks post on their blogs that really grab me and affect me.... You'll get it sooner or later... observe. 

Yup. "Chuuch".  More to come, stay tuned.  

All my fellow bloggers/homies/L.@.Me's... YOU GUYS ROCK!

Pick Me Up Wednesday...??

Late entry... courtesy of my big bro RP83.  I saw this before, but like many, I wasn't sure where this stands on the "Pick-Me-Up-o-meter".  I mean, morally sad, but visually just ridiculous.  And then she says its all good later.... if you say so... 

It's Gucci Baby!

EDITORS NOTE:  In NO way do I condone this behavior... merely posting.  G'day.

Pick Me Up Wednesdays!!!

Can you feel the clock ticking, bringing the nation closer to a NEW PRESIDENT?!!?  Hope so... either way, time to take a few moments to yourselves to chuckle and suck in the life that floats in the air around us.

Bon' Appetit (I can't spell that, but oh well, lol)

This is what Inauguration is going to look like...

If Obama can get the jobs in this country right, I'm coming into interviews like this... STRONG!

Here's a little barrage of videos that I'm sure some of you will like (if you like seeing people bust they @$$... I do!!!)

Tisk, tisk, tisk.... can't get enough of people gettin' broke.

Out Here Grindin'

Got this video from the homie Mass Potential.  This is a 2-for-1 video of his track "The Library" from his last mixtape "The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 1" and "Procrastination (Feat. G*Two)" from the upcoming, V-Day Valentines Day released "The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 2: Still No
Name"... check it out. 

Def. diggin' the "tear up the library scene".   Great concepts on both of those tracks, don't sleep on the homies...

DMV YouTube Cypher 6 - Deron

Back at it....

Gotta respect TRUE freestyling taking it back to the essence...

Next up... B.P. (That's my cuzzo!!!)

Where's T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday?

I had a few new tracks I wanted to slap you in the head with, but then I went to class, then had to run errands, then came across this...

At this point.  NOTHING is more important than simply basking in the symbolism.  This is RIGHT up the street from my dorm, like a 5 minute walk....

GOTTA love Ben's!

Ok. Back to my grind.  

Hey... Like "Quality"?

I tend to enjoy it as well.  Heard the rough version of this track a while ago, but it's good stuff so I'm posting the final mix.  Shouts out to the homie G*Two, here's his words to the public.

"What's the deal folks? G*Two here. I hope everybody's new year is going good. Hopefully all is well. I've been kinda busy lately but i'm still working on what's slated to be my next project - The Sum of All Fears EP - so I recently re-recorded this song and missed the deadline to submit it on a certain mixtape, so I wanted to shoot it to you guys to check out. Also if you find time to post it onto your respective websites, I appreciate it. It's entitled "Hey Love" and is a story about a night at 1350 Okie street, back when it was what it used to be... So check it out and feel free to share it.

Thanks again, G*Two"

-Update- I just changed the link if it messed up before....

Love these.

This is by far my favorite villain. 
NO ONE can see me in Marvel vs. Capcom with this guy... TRUST!

Peep how the Swoosh is used in the artwork.

He even gave the toe texture to look like the symbiote in the movie.

I probably would never wear a shoe like this, but I'd definitely case it and "marvel" in its greatness. (Get it?  "Marvel"?  I tried.)

(Click the link to see more of his work.  I think these and the Tsunami's are his best work.  
What do YOU think?)

Damn... I Like This...

After Joe Budden vs. Ransom got deaded, maybe people are starting to get some sense.  The sample is crazy and the beat is on point.  Lyrics are 'eh, but I gotta respect the maturity.  

Not so sure about the "now the old king is dead" lines, but I see where the guy's going.  Thoughts?

Let's Talk About Sex...

Step Brothers Style... Sorry Ladies.

Quick: Good Samaritan Award...

Random: Shouts out to G*Two for his help with the blog.  You coulda easily not helped, and been one of "THOSE" DMV Artists, lol.  Much appreciated.

With that, folks, I display my gratitude by asking you take a BRIEF MOMENT (don't wanna lose followers, lol) to observe his message to DMV Artists and the public alike... be careful...

Pick-Me-Up Wednesday!!!

Ok, lemme say this.  The past few days have been pretty crazy for me... in a good way.  I've been in talks with some pretty influential folks in the area (and beyond), so the grind is ONLY gettin' more and more serious.  If you wondered why I didn't do a "T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday", I was locked in a room making NEW crack, much further beyond any Time Machine... trust me.  I've learned to never tell moves until they've already happened so I won't jinx myself, but understand things are coming together wonderfully in '09.  With that being said, this is a 2-part "Pick-Me-Up Wednesday".  There's one "Pick-Me-Up" for my fellow DMV Artists, and another for everyone... just work with me.

First off, with the momentum I'm beginning to gain in the area and with another few choice artists, I've been trying to raise the bar creatively and push the envelope.  With that, I've been trying to stay abreast of the newest happenings in the industry and taking note of the newcomers.... inspiration and motivation if you will.  I've watched these next few videos too many times... it gets me in the zone to up the ante.  DMV Artists, I hope it does the same for you... Let's Get It!

Cory Gunz & Micket Factz on "The Deal"

ATM Vs. HighCollide Rap Battle: smh

Just the tip of the iceberg, but moving along to what the kids came to see.  Ricosuave
put me onto these videos so shouts out to him.  That's another guy that's making moves in ATL so make sure to check his page out @ (hence the hyperlinking of his name, lol).

John Witherspoon - Steroids

John Witherspoon - MySpace

John Witherspoon - Soup Cans

John Witherspoon - Hoochies (My favorite)

LMAO!  John Witherspoon is definitely a legend.  Stay tuned.  Classes at HU start today and I'm definitely NOT looking forward to it... wish me luck. 

It Was a Matter of Time...

Remember when I posted this video a few "Pick-Me-Up Wednesday"'s ago? 

Well, the homie Mass Potential has been the innovative artist that he is and freaked it into a song... peep:

Mass Potential (Feat. Red the Homeless Beatboxer)


DMV YouTube Cypher Part 5 - Pro'Verb

Pro'Verb goes IN...

Definitely exceeded the designated 16 Bars, but made each bar count.  QUITE impressive homie... 

As I always say... DMV WE Got US!

THIS is why I love Hip-Hop...

I say Okwerdz took that one... 

Then, the other end of the spectrum! 

Call it what you want... I call it ENTERTAINMENT!