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"The L.@.Me Mixtape" is HERE!

You've waited patiently, and now it's here!!  I present to you, my baby... 
PLEASE spread the word and  post it on your blogs, feedback is invited.  
Not too much to say besides the fact that this is ONLY the beginning and thanks to ALL the L.@.Me's that follow the blog!! You get special shout-outs on the mixtape too (sorry to my few newcomers that came after it was recorded, I got you on the next one!!)


The video says it all!


Remember I told you that over the Christmas Holidays my brother and I made a video for "Serious"?  Well, I said I'd post it.  And before you start ANY internet hatery... allow me to say:
  1. I know my room's dirty... 
  2. Yes, the video was done in about 20-30 minutes 
  3. You no like...?  Eat JOINT!
Shouts out to my brother Ryan (R_Dot_P83) for allowing me to borrow his time for my foolery!!  Don't get it confused, he does QUALITY videos and gets guap for 'em so holla at 'em!  

Btw... my birthday is in less than one hour!!
Btw (Pt.2) I was born at 11:20am... at that time... take a shot of Hennessy (or whatever you prefer)


Quality project sent to me by the homie Benji.  You definitely should check it out and learn something!!  3 Stars 2 Bars Music Presents... "The Uptown's Finest EP"

Ice the Villain & Pro'Verb Freestyle

Quick freestyle after my performance at Chief Ike's on February 20, 2009.  More footage of my actual performance on the way! Stay Tuned!



DJ M.A.F - "Ladies Love M.A.F"

Woww!!! I absolutely forgot to post this project!!  Incredible music by the one and only DJ M.A.F. (who will also be mixing my mixtape, "The L.@.Me. Mixtape").  Quality music, quality blends, definitely a good listen.  This dropped on Valentine's Day (hence the title) but I realized that I created the post and never published it, so why not give it a FRESH post?

Gotta LOVE the intro drop... :)

"Stage Presence"

One things I love more than listening to music is watching ARTISTS PERFORM their music.  In the age of water-down music and lackluster performing, I felt then need to post this clip of someone I've seen in person, a true show-man.  Lupe Fiasco.  Observe.

"Like a roach on a hot stove".  LMAO.

Got Natural Hair???

Invest in something that'll save your life!

Just in Time for my Bday Week!

If it's one thing I can appreciate besides a smooth Cognac, it's some good Chopped and Screwed music to play while sippin' and catching contact, lmao.

I present... the reason I won't remember turning 22 this Wednesday!

Tardy P.M.U.W.

Sorry for the tardiness, so caught up in Twitter I fell off my duties... pardon me!

Something light... kinda under the weather.  I'll just throw some visuals I recently saw and thought you'd enjoy!

Illiterate Love

fail owned pwned pictures

2009 Parenting
fail owned pwned pictures


Family Guy - Classic

(If you haven't heard about it, research Christian Bale Terminator 4 Rant)

Sorry for the light post... the drugs are kickin' in... 

Shucks... They Got Me...

If you're like me... I'm one of the folks that try not to follow trends, but sometimes you fall victim.  I've been sucked in to the Twitter phenomenon, so check me out at if you care enough to know what I'm doing throughout my day when I'm not blogging....

Damn, technology is a mutha....

Saw this on LCD's Page: "Goon Move of the Day"

Words from LCD:

This shit might make me cancel my site.... ARTISTS BEWARE!

You've been warned...

Words from Ice:
BETTER NOT Try to take MY SH*T!

COMPLETE - "The Be Cool Be Cool Mixtape"

It's a good time in DMV Hip-Hop!!  A lot of great artists been dropping lately from Syxx, Mouse, LCD, Mass Po, Lyriciss, and now Complete! (I know there've been others, but if I aint mention you my bad). This is Complete's mixtape, "The Be Cool Be Cool Mixtape".  He's housemates with Mass Po so I'm sure the house is full of great music and randomness.

With no more rapping, download the mixtape FOOL!

And look for ME to close the month with "The L.@.Me Mixtape"!

DMV YouTube Cypher 8 - Syxx


Lady A is next!  Learn it!

Royce - "Part of Me" (Video)

This is a CRAZY story/video!  Enjoy!



Message from Mass Potential:

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, transvestites... and... um...
transvestites -- I would first like to wish everyone a happy
valentines day! Go spread love (whichever way you take that) and peace
and happiness!

And while you on your way to do that... DOWNLOAD "DJ SOUNDWAVE AND

(Bloggers: if you are interested in posting this, please post both
links. No repeat of last time where the ONE link I sent didn't work.
If one doesn't work this time, hopefully the other one will, lol THX!)

Download "DJ Soundwave and Mass Potential present: The Unnamed Mixtape
Vol.2 -- Still No Name" With Features from Complete, JE and BBest of The Good Ole Boys, Ice the Villain, G*Two, Elle.Bee (aka Alysha Brown), TOX, Gangsta Red, Lil
Wayne and endorsed by Lady A, Sarah Love, Major (of,
The General, and Ledo's, IT IS COMPLETE FIRE! Thanks for the love on
the mostest, lovingested day!
--Mass Potential

DJ Soundwave and Mass Potential present: The Unnamed Mixtape Vol. 2 --
Still No Name

NEW MUSIC - "Softest Place 2009"

Need some "Mood Music"?!??!?!  

I got you!  I'm finalizing my mixtape, "The L.@.Me Mixtape" that'll be dropping later this month (probably my Bday, 2-25), but I figured I'd give you a sneak peak at the NEXT project (I'm SOO on my grind right now).  This is a twist on the Cut Music Classic, "Softest Place" by Xscape.  If you plan on getting ANY action for Valentine's Day, or AT ALL, THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED!  It's already been proven by several (no lie, LOL)

I'll let the music speak for itself... click the link!

By the way... the NEXT project is called "The Relationship" and is ENTIRELY produced by LCD!
Trust me, it WILL blow your stinkin' mind!!! 


Haven't heard this yet... but I already know...


Shouts out to

New Jada Mixtape!!

Had to post this!  Jada has been one of the greats for a LONG TIME, and he'll be at Howard University on the day after my Birthday to join the radio station I work for, WHBC, for a meet-and-greet.  Look forward to meeting 'Kiss and recovering my hangover!  Yazzur!

"Homie Don't Play That"

Wise words by Homie The Clown.  Either someone's gonna end up REALLY hurt, or 50 is REALLY confident that Khaled and Ross won't do ANYTHING to retaliate...

Pre V-Day Day Bonus: GET THIS MIXTAPE!

Gotta love a Mass Potential Video... 

I'll post the mixtape when it drops, or get it straight from the source: Mass Potential Online

VDay - Who Do YOU Love?

Too often, people forget the important things in their lives when frivolous "holidays" such as Valentine's Day come along.  All attention is put on loving a partner.  Now, I'm not Anti-Valentine's Day or anything, hell I have a Valentine, but I just want to put things in perspective.  We laugh, we cry, we fight, we make-up, we break-up, but only a few things shan't leave you...  For me, it's one of my loves, what I like to call "Ignorant Oil".  You may find it in a bottle, glass, cup, flask, party, social, bar, or your stash under your bed.  But one thing's for sure, it can give you a love no one else could.  Ahhh... where would I be without you "IO"?  When the club was lame but I had the time of my life, or when I had to hold my partner down on a double date and the "Other Friend" wasn't so cute... "IO", I don't want you to feel neglected on Valentine's Day, nope, not at all.  Matter-o-fact, maybe I can incorporate you into the festivities... I'm sure she won't mind.  Alcohol, this "Pick-Me-Up Wednesday" is my ode to not only you, but the other individuals that share my love for you and the immense joy you bring.  CHEERS!

The Godfather of Soul Loves You!

You've had your share of fun with Mr. Turner!
REEEMIX!  Shouts out to Chainz for the link.

And well, Im sure you had to be involved in this somehow!


Hey folks, do you have any clips of people that share m'Love?  Post them in the comment box if you do... otherwise, I won't be upset.  Not everyone knows TRUE love when they see it! lol


Got this from

They Shoulda Nevah...



THIS is How it Should Sound...

When I heard the sample of the track in the video below, I knew it'd be crack... but Geez.  Drake is quite consistent as of yet... I wonder what they album'll sound like...

Here's the full track below... 

"But I never get attracted to fans/ 'cuz a eager beaver could be the collapse of a dam"... Damn.

Has anyone noticed how Lil Wayne HAS to step the flow up to keep up with Drake?  More bars and still doesn't match up... to ME at least (not a hater).

DMV YouTube Cypher 7.5 - Mass Potential

GOTTA LOVE THIS!!!  Shouts out to Mass Potential!

Make sure you check out his mixtape on Valentine's Day... CRAAAAACK-SAUCE!

Lucky 7 Vol. 1... I'm on it!

Check out the new project the homie LCD just dropped, featuring yours truly!  It's called "Lucky 7".  There are 7 songs from 7 DMV artists and will be dropping on the 7th of EVERY month.  Depending on the feedback received, it will be determined who will show up on the next editions, kinda like a reality show type of thing... cool huh?  The link is below with a message from Mr. Bout Dat Money himself.  Make sure you all send in feedback and keep this thing going strong, and it won't hurt to let him know Ice the Villain needs to STAY on rotation!

From LCD:
Don't forget to visit MYSPACE.COM/LUCKY7DMV for links to each artist... eventually they'll all be in the Top Friends.

As upcoming musicians we all thrive off your feedback so leave a comment or email me and tell me what u think about the project... what your favorite songs are... who u want to hear more from. Based on the reactions of the general public, I'll determine who'll be on future editions.

Shouts out to LCD. Genius Idea!

Pick-Me-Up Wednesdays (Late Night!)

Got in the crib from the studio around 7:30am this morning (working on some groundbreaking developments), had MINIMAL sleep until class, then been on the run since...

For your viewing pleasure, I have picked a few tidbits from my trusted sources and decided that you deserve to laugh.  I mean, hey, there's been no "T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday" for the past 2-3 weeks, why take anything else away from you?  
I'm thinking of either keeping that or creating something else... we'll see...

Enjoy folks...

lmao!!!!!!!!!!!! "Re-Start Shawty"

"Once You Go..."

May be pointless to you, but this is hilarious to me...
fail owned pwned pictures

Shouts out to!

"The L.@.Me. Mixtape" is on the Way

Silly me... I always shout out the homies but forgot one, until I read one of LCD's recent posts.

The homie MG and his website!

This site's motto is "Putting the SPORTS back into sports talk."

You gotta love it... this site doesn't just give u standings and stats from last night's game, it gives you and in depth look at the world of professional and collegiate sports given from the athlete's view (thus the name of the site...)

There are contributions from various athletes, audio interviews, roundtable discussions, etc....

Check it out.... it's definitely a hot site.

Shouts out to LCD (pardon the post-jacking lol).