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AB The Producer w/ XO, Lyriciss, & Pro'Verb

This is the video from the AB The Producer project entited "Producer's Credit".  AB is def. a cool dude and his grind is crazy.  Check out the video below featuring XO and the homies Pro'Verb and Lyriciss Flowz.  Crazy video. presents "Go Hard"- AB The Producer feat. XO, Pro'verb and Lyriciss from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

Have you smiled today?


How serious IS it?

Like Sex? How Much?
fail owned pwned pictures

We'll leave this one alone...
fail owned pwned pictures


This isn't really too funny until the end... but oh well.

One more for the road!


DMV Cypher # 9 - Lady A

Lady A here to represent for the ladies and close things up for the DMV Cypher!! There will DEFINITELY be more to come though!

Outsiders - "Punished"

ATTENTION ATTENTION! The Outsiders have just dropped their first track. B.P. (my cousin) on verse one and three. Mouse (The Waldorf Posterboy) on Two. ENJOY!!! This is for all the drinkers, pill poppers, whoever shit lol. 

LCD, Lil Dee & Ice the Villain - "Met Her on Twitter"

New music from LCD, Lil Dee, and myself.  If any of you are familiar with Twitter, you'd understand just how on time this is. If nothing else, know this... 

LCD = @Boutdatmoney or
Lil Dee = @yblildee or
Ice the Villain = or

Tell your jernt I said "You're Welcome"... 

LCD, Lil Dee & Ice the Villain - Met Her On Twitter.mp3 -

Shouts out to LCD for giving y'all the EXCLUSIVE Ice the Villain picture from MILLENNIUMS ago!! lmao!! 

LCD & Bout Dat Money Music: LUCKY 7 - 2nd Edition!!!!!

Mr. Bout Dat Money is back with his 2nd installment of "Lucky 7", a 7-song compilation of music from the DMV that drops EVERY month on the 7th. Look for some expansion with artists from outside of the area soon! If you know ANY good artists that are worthy, hit him up, his info is on the artwork! Of course, I'M ON IT! So is AP, Wale, Chainz, Outsiders, G*Two, Phil Da Future and the homie Lil Dee!

And don't forget "The L.@.Me Mixtape" by yours truly!!

Pardon the delay! "Late P.M.U."

Ya know, I've been so caught up in trying to follow the downloads of "The L.@.Me Mixtape", I haven't even been catering to the folks that have been here wanting to get the daily posts!! I'm back!  I'm more than happy about what's been going on with the downloads, so I will pass on the smiles... it's not Wednesday, but "PICK ME UP WEDNESDAYS"... smile HOE!

What you WON'T get from "The L.@.Me Mixtape!"

Give 'em the STATS... smh

Couldn't even watch the whole thing

Shouts out to everyone on Twitter, I got this fro Amanda Diva... Hilarious!

Just a lil' extra... only in America.

And if you don't have ONE of the BEST mixtapes out right now... GET IT!!!  About 700 downloads in less than a week and still counting!!! Whew.