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Ok... I swear I didn't watch this whole thing... but thought maybe SOMEONE would want to.

And this, well... WTF

Didn't watch this whole thing either... but, maybe you will. SMH


Lastly, just for kicks...

I hear DMV likes me...

At least according to the folks on twitter. Check out the post on DC Rap.

you SIIIICK!!!

Yes, that's all I can say when I see this...  PLEASE don't be a victim.



Rick Ross is clearly givin' 50 the business musically, and I don't even think this is 50's doing, but this is QUITE funny!


Gucci & Juice TAKEOVER!

I'll just let you watch.


Exclusive footage of the behind the scenes action of this year's most anticipated movie.  Note, this is BEFORE they add the cool effects!

Be sure to see the entire thing on May 1st!

DJ Anonymous - Hood Hits

New project by the homie and HU Alum, DJ Anonymous, the DMV Supplier. Make sure to download Hood Hits 9: Mile High Edition. Anonymous has been puttin in work and pushin out that crack lately. So check it out.

Btw. Shouts out to homie Chill. Send some of that Hennessy Black this way!

Speaking of which... new video by Swizz Beatz for the new Hennessy coming this FALL. I NEED THAT!

Obama Fried Chicken??

Owned by, "you GUESSED it's" (no offense to them).  I'm speechless.



New crack from myself, Laelo Hood, and Bay from producer Bad Abbot's project "The Fifth Element 3". This is the first single and is definitely a certified banger! No delay on this one folks, ENJOY!

Download link:

Alternative links:

"Not Just ANY Girl"

As many of you know out there, I'm getting ready to graduate from Howard University, so my workload is gettin' hectic and I'm not able to go out and do what I want like I usually do.  Therefore, I missed out on participating in the session that spawned this CRACK by Mass Potential, Mouse The Waldorf Posterboy, and G*Two.  However, the song is on point and HOT of the presses, so I gotta show love to some of my favorite DMV artists coming together to make something great... ENJOY!


Just because a lot is changing in our world.

Just because is changing in my life.

Just because this is what one would consider "Classic".

I'm bringing these back.

Do understand that I'm quite focused right now.

Do understand that I'm more aware than ever right now.

Do understand that I WILL NOT LOSE.

Do understand that I'm serious.

Do L.@.Me.


Pro'Verb - DMV Hero

Kinda late with this one, but check out the homie Pro'Verb's video, the song is tight and the entire project is hot! make sure you check him out on Twitter and follow him. Don't wanna rap y'all up, so here's the video. Also, listen out for my shout-out at the end! Chuuch!

Lyriciss - Doin My Job

New video from Lyriciss Flowz off of the mixtape, The Day Job.  Support that guy folks, DMV.


Keep on ya grind Lyriciss... shouts out to the whole Equinox btw!

The Contrarians!

Who are The Contrarians???? The Contrarians consist of LCD, Ice the Villain & Lil Dee.... I mean, we make so many songs together we might as well have a name right?????

What's a "contrarian"?

Without further ado:

Comments are welcomed.....

(Editor's Note: Shouts out to LCD for the lay-up. Stole this from his blog, Bout Dat Money!

Kids are going MAD!

Saw this on and was completely baffled! Is THIS what kids are thinking about these days?

fail owned pwned pictures
Somebody needs to get that @$$ beat... WORD!

Funny... but is this just a TAD offensive?

Or am I trippin'? I've seen this on a few blogs, Dc to Bc and Real Mango Juice... just thought I'd spread it around, lol.

Kanye West + Fishsticks = .....?

Why is this the newest Phenomenon on the web???


"I Do This is My Sleep"

Last night, I managed to get drugged up off of Benadryl, sleep for HOURS, then wake up to the greatness that is the Bout Dat Lab! I was there with LCD, Chainz, B.P. Cooper, and Mouse the Waldorf Posterboy. Of course, madness ensued and we decided to make yet another glorious piece of music. With no further delay, here's footage and a "jank-leg" video for the new track, "I Do This in My Sleep". Unfortunately Mouse had to leave to get ready for work so he missed out, but look out for more on the way!!!

And download the actual track by clicking here!

Eminem - "We Made You"

He's Baaaaaaack!!!! Did he do it again? What do you think?

Music is all screwed up right now, but I think he may be back on track to fix things up. This is the same classic formula he's been using with his first singles so I can't wait to see what's next.

Another Again...

I JUST found out that John Legend made a video for this track... I remember first hearing this track and everything.  This beat is INCREDIBLE to me.  I love records that inspire me to make something classic, and anytime I get a chance to make music about MY real life... it ends up being classic (at least to me).  Anywho, enjoy the video L.@.Me's, I think just about everyone experiences something like this...

Speaking of which, gotta get to the track that I did on this instrumental, "Better Go".  If you've heard The L.@.Me Mixtape then you've already heard it, but oh well.... 


Shouts out to the homie Matty "Make it Work" for the footage!  Great video, but the BEST part comes at about 4:38.  LEARN IT!

And by the way, be on the lookout for QUITE a summer from yours truly.  "The Relationship" coming this summer produced ENTIRELY by LCD, a special project with one of the hottest rappers out of the DMV, and "Hero & Villain" with ATL's own, Ricosuave.  The project is scheduled to drop on the 4th of July, after I drop "The Relationship" and Rico drops "Writes of Passage" on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo). I'm EXTRA late dropping this leak we did when I was in ATL for Spring Break, but here it goes.  This is the unmixed ROUGH version and it'll get cleaned up with some new additions, but I feel you should get a whiff...

(By the way, this is also a preliminary edit of the cover)
Click link to download.

This is only the beginning.

Why do april FOOLS fall in love?

Ok, understanding that today is "April Fool's" Day, I haven't been hit with ANY April Fool's jokes and I've really fallen back my distribution (guess I'm getting old), but I have run into SOOO much "Lovey Dovey" stuff.  Everything from comedy, make-ups, break-ups, couples on campus, love letters, just and abundance of the stuff.  Iono what that means, but I figured I'd post some of my favorite things I've encountered in this "Why do april FOOLS fall in love" segent.  Enjoy!

Thanks to @Sunshiiine, I jacked this video from her. Check her out.

Murs - "Part of Me"
Why isn't THIS stuff on the radio? This song is genius.

This may a different variation of "love", but check it out.

On that note, I think that's enough.

The Return of Pick Me Up Wednesday!

After an excruciating hiatus, it's time to bring joy back into the lives of the L.@.Me's!  As always, enjoy the videos and don't mind me as I slowly get back into the groove of the blog... Much music on the way (collabs, solos, and various other viddles).  However, for now, sit back and enjoy some friggin' cool videos FOOL!

Get ya vocals right!

Leave it up to us...
fail owned pwned pictures


Ok, this isn't funny, but it's cool footage from my recent ATL trip, so smile and take note of the things to come!  Shouts out to the homie Matty 'Makeitwork' Williams.  Check his blog out! Much more footage coming soon!