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"Get Your Mouth Away From My D*ck"???

Speechless. HAD to post it... 

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Foyolyfe ft. New Vision - "No Woman"

New ish from Foyolyfe (Test & Hotdam) with the New Vision Band.  Crazy cover of the classic "No Woman, No Cry" with a Go-Go twist, even down to the lyrics (I didn't realize 'til like my 3rd listen).  Be on the lookout for these guys, and we got some  FIRE cookin' up... TRUST!

Shouts out to the homie Test. Check out more music from him here:

The Contrarians Do MIA.

Just got back from MIA w/ LCD & Lil Dee.  Hell of a time! Sun (sometimes), beach, black people, drinks, music, hookers, and foolery.  I'll let the footage do the talking! 

Just touching down at the airport.

Getting ready to head to the famous Wet Willie's for drinks. 

LCD Lookin' like a ghetto ostrich! lol

About 6 something in the morning.

Sun starting to peek out. 

Human Statue

Walking through South Beach, "The L.@.Me Mixtape" LITERALLY in stores! You can see the world famous DJ Clark Kent at about the 1:55 mark. Made sure to chop it up w/ him and hand him a mixtape. Much respect to DJ Clark Kent, cool dude.

Shouts out to the homie Jeff, I SERIOUSLY didn't plan the video like that and it worked out... Maybe I am pretty cool... *shrug*

This is what happens when you have good product.

Next stop, Rio de Janeiro in June, then Toronto in August.
Watch what we do next!

Ice the Villain & Raheem DeVaughn - Walk With You

Been away from blogging for a second, didn't have my charger for the laptop.  However, I'm sittin' the crib (I should be packing for Miami tomorrow w/ LCD & Lil Dee) but I wanna make sure y'all get this instant classic!  Yours truly along w/ Raheem DeVaughn - "Walk With You", produced by LCD's little brother, Thelonious Dre

And just for history purposes, here's the footage of me and some homies listening to the song from ATL when Radio Raheem leaked the track at WKYS 93.9FM (Wednesday, May 13, 2009)

Doesn't it feel good to be a L.@.Me? I'm just a vessel, YOU GUYS are making the history!

Another Shout-Out by the Ambassador

Cool interview by DC's own, Wale.  Of course watch the whole thing, but look out for a mention of yours truly at about 3:35 when asked who else is doing it in the DMV. 

Gotta respect that... he didn't have to mention me...

BTW: I may be late on seeing this ESPN Feature, 
but I personally think it deserves to be run back... 
Mr. Ovechkin seems... well.... Just watch.

Ricosuave - "Writes of Passage"

Had to save this one for a good day, my graduation from Howard University's School of Communications! The big one is tomorrow, but here's a lil gift from me to the L.@.Me's via the homie Ricosuave. Quality project, great production (even got LCD on there), concepts, the whole package.  Check it out by clicking HERE!

LCD Song of the Month - "Take it Slow"

The big homie LCD brings something for the ladies and fellas alike to ride to! This is a HIT! Spread the word and feel honored to be a part of history!


"You Hotter Than Me?" - Ice the Villain

Usually I'd say more, but I'll let the music speak for itself...

Wanna download?:

Good Song + FLY Video =