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Leak from the upcoming FNFG mixtape,, I present, "Flow Dope". From the upcoming FNFG mixtape, "Lead by Example".

In order of appearance: Lil Dee, Phil Ade, Pro'Verb, LCD, Ice the Villain, Chainz.

Clif Soulo - Summertime Love

New Music from the homie Clif Soulo.  If you're not familiar, here's your chance.  This is his new single "Summertime Love".  This has a quality summer feel and the title speaks for itself.  I'm definitely feeling this because I just wrapped up "The Relationship" so I'm still stuck in that mode.  Check it out!

A note from Clif Soulo himself:

Here is the new joint I'm pushing right now, Summertime Love (produced by the homie Sammy J). The title pretty much sums it up, laid back, feel good joint for the summer. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Oh, and funny story about this song. I wrote this in may-ish, early june right. And I was getting stressed the hell out because If I didn't get a chance to record this soon enough, I'd either have to wait until next summer or put it out in the fall/winter (which would be kinna silly). So shouts out Noah and Coogler Studios for letting me do my thang and get this joint finished, otherwise this might have been on the shelf like my other project (forever be hip hop) for the moment anyways.

Until Next time...


Clif Soulo

Chainz Spazzes!!

Anyone that knows ANYTHING about my lyrical partner in crime, Chainz, knows that when he's on a beat, it gets killed.  This video is no exception... be on the lookout for his mixtape on the way, "Scatterbrain".

More Real Talk - The TONY YAYO Edition

I don't know what's going on, but I'm really getting surprised by some of the behavior I've seen as of late.  Some of my favorite and most respected celebrity figures are losing their minds, and the ones that I thought were completely lost are impressing me.  Yesterday was Ms. K Steffans, and today is none other than Tony Yayo.

I posted this especially for those of you that are involved in groups, cliques, movements, etc.  Tony Yayo drops some quality knowledge about playing one's role within a machine, and even loyalty.  The recurring breakdown of powerful machines is really annoying me in Hip-Hop, so maybe this will help give some perspective... enjoy.

Ladies... Tell a Friend to Tell a Friend

In the video below... Karrine Steffans drops some knowledge about how to get and keep a man.  Never thought I'd say this considering all the history, but she makes a LOT of sense.  It's good to see that someone can grow from their past and try to do something different.  Observe.

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My President IS Black!

Pres. Barack Obama recently passed my, "YES, I'm Black" pop quiz.  While he was out the other day, I planted a small object in a doorway I knew he'd be passing through to see if upon tripping, he would handle it like the average President, or a certified black man.  

If YOU are black, you already know the criteria for accidentally tripping like a black man.  Therefore, you do the math for yourself... 

Yup, he's BLACK!

G* Two - Sun's out Guns Out Artwork!

If you all have been following the homie G*Two (as you should) then you would know that there is a VERY anticipated project nearby. With ALL production by The Congregation, this is sure to be a quality piece of work!

Oh yeah, and I'm on there too, so WHY NOT support? lol.

"Sun's Out Guns Out" will be available for download this month.  It will definitely be posted here, but you should also follow for more!

Photography by: Barbie Bibiana

Graphics by: Chop Shop Graphics

Ricosuave - ATL Digression Freestyle

Man I'm late posting this, but this is some new CRAZINESS from Ricosuave.  This is called the "ATL Digression Freestyle" and is over ten minutes of spitting from various ATL Classic instrumentals.  The ATL Superhero comes to the rescue with this one! Check it out below.

Another Co-Sign from DMV's Ambassador!

While searching on The Hip-Hop Update (shouts out to the homie Clif Soulo) I found this interview by DMV's own Wale.  Skip to around the 2 minute 30 second mark to hear him mention yours truly, with QUITE the co-sign and compliment.  Again, he didn't HAVE to mention me, so I appreciate the look.   

Shouts out to the other artists mentioned, respect!

TGL - Wale's On The Guest List from BeatStreetS on Vimeo.


Ice the Villain - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Footage

Soo.... I've BEEN meaning to get this footage up, but between locking in the studio, planning my next moves, and sorting through the SFW & NSFW footage, it's been tough.  Me and some homies recently took a 7 day trip to Brasil and got some quality partying and promo in... I'll just let the footage speak.  This i

On the plane en route to Rio de Janeiro

Airplane food... it was actually GOOD!



Their specialty drink... Caipirinha

Their graffiti is sick!

Me and Cristo fresh off the beach

McDonald's in Portuguese... EXPENSIVE.

Filet-o-Fish or McFish???

Art in the hotel room, reminded me of home... 

Lunch: Filet Mignon and Chicken Skewers... Eat Up.

"Christ the Redeemer" in the background.

Shouts out to WHBC. Still reppin' HU!

The two homies and the BIG homie

The L.@.Me Mixtape available now! Promo don't stop... 

Lord knows... 

Cab driver was playing Chris Brown... I told him step it up. smh


Dinner: Filet Mignon w/ Fine Herbs sauce, Shrimp scampi, etc.

The night begins... 

Waitress... may not understand the lyrics, but knows GOOD music!

You got served! The L.@.Me Mixtape

Get YOU some.

Iono what it says, but it looks strange.

More art

Here's a sample of the video footage! Christ the Redeemer

NEW Ice the Villain - In Luv Witta Villain


From Yours Truly, titled, "In Luv Witta Villain" produced by LCD.  This is just one of the many songs I've been knockin' out recently, so be on the lookout for more.  This is just to continue to feed you folks needed something to ride out to this summer!  
ALL feedback/comments are invited!