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Mass Potential - "The Rejects Ziptape"

The homie Mass Potential comes with yet another amazingly creative concept for a project... "The Rejects Ziptape".  Put simply, it's comprised of the tracks that didn't make his previous mixtapes (hence, "rejects").  Honestly, I can't really explain this in words, so I STRONGLY advise you guys to download/listen to this project ASAP. You GOTTA respect the homie puttin' it all out there for the public. Plus, don't think by "rejects" it's all wack music... Not at all!!  See for yourself...

Let this hold you over until the release of the next mixtape from Mass Potential, "Something Like Nothing Else".  I'm on there w/ a few other great MC's so be sure to check it out. I'll post it on here...

"Handle With Care"

New music from Mass Potential (feat. Cayan, G*Two, and Myself), called "Handle With Care", from Mass Potential's upcoming "Somethin' Like Nothin' Else".  Four of DMV's nicest MC's going in and giving you the feel of that good ol' classic Hip-Hop.

Also don't forget Mr. Potential's unanticipated random assortment-tape "The Rejects Ziptape", which is literally just a compilation of all of the songs that didn't make it on other mixtapes. It will be available August 31, 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: Can't wait to hear these two projects!


I've watched this video MORE than a few times, and each time I can't get this grin off my face.  It's incredible seeing some of Hip-Hop's elite just sitting around a table drinking beer and spitting bars.  No bickering, no jealousy, no disrespect, ALL CLASSIC!!

Told Ya!  One day I'll share a moment like this with the new generation of greats... mark my words!

Sun's Out, Guns Out LP

Yup, it's finally here... 

"Sun's Out, Guns Out" but the homie G*Two.  Ten tracks all produced by The Congregation, and definitely a way to close the summer PROPERLY.  Don't miss out on this... this is just the beginning of great things to come for the homie G*Two.

Mouse aka the Waldorf Posterboy - "Countdown to 1.5"

If you know one thing about Mouse aka the Waldorf Posterboy, it's that his grind is INCREDIBLE and he is 200% passionate about his work (I guess if you DIDN'T know... you know now lol). Anyhow, he's been putting this project together for quite some time w/ many obstacles, but the masterpiece is finally here! This project features a number of great artists (including yours truly & FNFG) along w/ some great producers as well. Mixed by LCD, you can expect nothing but perfection from one of the DMV's most promising artists. PLEASE don't sleep... GET HIP.

Oh yeah, wanna know how passionate Mr. Mouse is about his work? Not only do you get "Countdown to 1.5" in this download, but also "Countdown to 1.5 Part II (The Vault), damn near another ENTIRE project to hold the fans over until the rocket ship officially takes off... M-O!!!

G*Two - Sunrise

Honestly, I don't have much to say for what's about to happen, folks... I'll let the man of the moment speak:

*clears throat* It's been a long time ejaculating. Get it? I present to you, the debut video for 'Sunrise'. The intro track for my new LP entitled: Sun's Out, Guns Out. Enjoy. Tell a friend to tell a friend. To ask your mother. Peace!

Sunrise [Trailer] from Ronald Gathers on Vimeo.

Oh yeah, did you see me in there? DAMN RIGHT! Make sure you download that Sun's Out, Gun's Out!!

FNFG - "Lead By Example"




 Shouts out to DJ Anonymous & DJ Uneek for mixing the project!! 
I'll let the music speak for itself!

Shouts out to:

New DMV Music!!

Coming from two of my favorite DMV MC's: G*Two and Mass Potential, CHECK IT OUT!!!

G*Two x The Congregation - "She Like It" (Feat. kaZ & Cadi Mac)

"Bill's Toupee" by Mass Potential Feat. Jai' Blazin"
New project from Mass Potential coming soon...