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Mass Potential - "Uncle Ruckus"

New music by the homie Mass Potential, from the upcoming 
"Something Like Nothing Else" 
mixtape, mixed and hosted by the MVA's own DJ Soundwave.  
Enjoy and look for the mixtape first quarter 2010.


I think ANYONE could appreciate a good parody, so here are a few I think you'll like.  I'm putting the originals first just to get you in the right zone...

Juelz Santana & Cam'ron - Dipset (Santana's Town)

Shouts out to Internet Goon for putting me on!

Trey Songz - Invented Sex

Don't front... you enjoyed 'em!


Yo folks!! I'm sure you guys are probably all on Twitter, and if not, then just know that #MusicMonday is when people shine some light on whatever music they're playing at the time (oftentimes an outlet for artists/producers to promote their material).

Anyhow, I have two joints I want to post up for you guys that I think you all will like.  Peep game!

Lonzo is an upcoming artist from my alma mater, Howard University, and homie's got some quality talent.  He goes in over the Gucci Mane "Wasted" track, so check him out and download HERE!

FNFG's own, and  my cousin, B.P. Cooper, releases one of the first tracks from his upcoming project, "Insomnia".  You've heard him all over the most recent FNFG project, "Lead By Example", but now the homie is getting some shine of his own.  Check him out!

These tracks should be added to your iPods, mix CD's, etc ASAP, so get to it!  I'll be sure to keep you posted on these guys as they continue to get their shine on.  Don't say I didn't put you on!

Power of the P.U.S.S.Y.


Ladies: "Suck a Dick & Save Your Life"

A link between breast cancer and fellatio??
I'm not even going to weigh in on this... 
just read the article, courtesy of Allie XXX

Clif Soulo Gets the Artist Spotlight!

     The homie Clif Soulo is getting some well-deserved shine, folks!  He's been featured here a few times, so you SHOULD be familiar with him, but if not here's your late pass.  Clif was recently interviewed by and I must say it was a great interview.  I won't type forever because I want you to read the article, so GET TO IT!

If you don't have his latest project, Forever Be Hip Hop, get it HERE!

Mad Dog - Plenty Money Freestyle

I have NOTHING to say to prepare you for this... 

Gotta respect true freestyling tho... I suppose