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All I'mma is just recognize that FNFG is making moves! 

Porn star Jayla Starr is getting set to release her directorial debut "There's Something About Jayla..." which will feature the song "U Go Girl" by myself and Lil Dee from the FNFG "Lead By Example" mixtape. Here goes a nice lil promo video for the fellas... I wouldn't play this at work tho!
Shouts to the homie Clif Soulo for the connect!

SMH. You better LEARN IT!

Lucky a.k.a. Mark Milly's "Memory Loss"

Released Online: 12.17.09 @ 12 midnight (Mark Milly's B-Day).

Happy Birthday to ya homie! 

Since then it has been labeled as [1] of thee best mixtapes to EVER be released from a Baltimore area recording artist.
Good music from start to finish!
a DOPE [concept] project nonetheless...


That artwork is siiick.
Be on the lookout for an ill collab w/ myself and the Y.H.G.M. crew coming soon!

#MusicMonday - Ice the Villain "Pretty Wings Rmx" & "Say Aah"

I've realized that while I've been QUITE productive lately, you guys (the MOST important people in this entire situation), wouldn't really know.  Of course it's not your fault, but I've been posting funny videos and supporting others so much that I haven't really been keeping you guys up to speed with me.  

So, for this #MusicMonday I bring you two songs.  One is my version of Maxwell's "Pretty Wings", and the second is an added verse to Trey Songz' "Say Ahh".


Maxwell & Ice the Villain - "Pretty Wings Rmx"

Trey Songz & Ice the Villain - "Say Aah Rmx"

Props to DJ Uneek and B.P. Cooper for spinnin that "Say Aah" at Club 24 in DC the other night. #FNFG

G*Two at the Beat Clash in DC

The footage below is of the homie G*Two performing live at the Beat Clash held in Washington, DC.  You should be quite familiar with G*Two as he has been featured on the site quite a bit.  Pardon the sound quality, but you can clearly hear that the response was niiiice. Make sure you have his latest LP, "Sun's Out, Guns Out" with a guest appearance by yours truly.

Video courtesy of D. Omen


D.M.V. Disciples (Hosted by DJ Beanz).  This project is an ill compilation of some of the DMV's most talented (which of COURSE means that I'm on it).  You've heard my feature before ("In Luv Witta Villain"), but you should definitely check out some of the other acts in the area as well.  Feel free...


Mr. Brewsky's Bar & Grill

Check out the homie Mr. Brewsky (aka Oral the Comedian), a rising comedian that's been killin' shows in the area and throughout the country. He's got a YouTube show he does often called "Mr. Brewsky's Bar & Grill" that is hilarious. Here's a few episodes.

You can also hear more from Mr. Brewsky as he gives a rather enlightening perspective of sports on the "Speak On It" section of your #1 spot for all your sports needs,  Look for some quality moves being made with Mr. Brewsky, myself, and LCD coming right around the corner!

Operation Weezy F. Baby

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

Ice the Villain in XPOSURE Mag

During my most recent trip to ATL to release "The Relationship", I had the honor of being interviewed by Goldyn Smith, the woman behind Xposure Magazine, the new publication to hit streets catering to urban music, fashion and lifestyle.  We get into the state of Hip-Hop in my DMV hometown, my history and future in music, as well as the response to "The Relationship".

KLASSAct - Buttafly Bounce

New music from KLASSAct, an upcoming trio from Atlanta, GA made up of MR., Phresh Ali and Ka-mil-eon.  The track is called "Buttafly Bounce".  I've just been put onto their music by the homie LCD (who produced the track by the way) and I must say that this song is FAR more than the typical infectious strip club song.  Not only does the beat GO (no bias), but the lyrics are quality as well.  So you can differentiate, Phresh Ali is on the 1st verse, MR. on the 2nd and Ka-mil-eon adds her vocals during the chorus:

SNL Digital Short Skit


"Cover Of A Man"

Check out the trailer for "Cover Of A Man", an independent film directed by my cousin by my cousin Terrell Byrd (currently out in Cali doing his acting/directing thing).    The trailer is pretty self explanatory so I'll let you watch for yourself.  It should be a great movie.  I'll keep you posted on the release. 

My cousin is the guy that was in the bed w/ the gun when the two chicks crept in on him. LOL.