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Phresh Ali - Crazy Eh Hell

Mr. BANGBANG himself drops another banger over an LCD track. For lack of better words, this song is "CRAZY EH HELL" lol.

Annnnd here's even more music from the team for you to ride out to! This project is by the homie Tha MR., one of the illest lyricists I've met since I've been living in Atlanta. With a majority of production done by LCD, you already know this project is nothing short of FIRE! Enough reading, get to downloading, listening, and spreading the word!


Download the entire FLALIEN project by clicking here!


Gotta say this is personally a proud moment for me. I recently released the mp3 of a track called "In the Game" (produced by P.L.) and have been getting great reviews. Now, I present to you the viral video directed and edited by yours truly. It's a humble video, but Final Cut Pro is addictive and I plan on giving you more very soon!

Download the mp3 to "In the Game" HERE!

Also, below is the first video from my collaborative project with the homie Ricosuave, called "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. The track is produced by Mel G and samples a wild collection of audio sampling from Jay-Z, DMX, Kirk Franklin, and an intro from Training Day. Check it out!

Download the mp3 to "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" HERE:

Plies - "Why U Hate"

While his singles are usually somewhat decent, it's not often I hear something from homie that I REALLY stamp. Besides the song he made for Boosie, this is one of my favorite tracks he's come out with. Besides, the visuals are actually pretty powerful in this one. Gotta respect it.

Ricosuave - "Project Chick" VIRAL VIDEO

The 5th installment of Rico's Suave Saturdays video campaign, over the Hot Boys' "Project Chick". Peep game!

Ice the Villain - "No Lanes" (Viral Video)


Quick lil something I put together and wanted to get out to the people. The beat is Rihanna's "Wait Your Turn". Video shot by the homie Chill.

Ice the Villain - No Lanes from Ice the Villain on Vimeo.

You'll probably be hearing a lot more about "Lenny No Lanes" in the future. Simply put, yet another alias I've made for myself speaking to the constant desire that today's critics have to categorize an artist. Of course I see it's necessity (to an extent), but I also see the necessity to go against the grain. From my start to now I've been on ALL KINDS of tracks and touched on ALL KINDS of topics/concepts. This WILL NOT stop!

Anyhow, download the .mp3 for "No Lanes" HERE:

Download the mp3 here:​ITVNoLanes

Dee-1 "Jay, 50, and Weezy"

Saw this video on AllHipHop and thought it was pretty dope. Great message that I've had plenty conversations about with a lot of my folks. Check it out!

Ricosuave - "Martin (Greatest Show Ever)"

The fourth installment of Ricosuave's "SauveSaturday" series. In this one he goes in over the "Martin" theme song for the 3rd season. Peep!

Ice the Villain - "Theraflu Flow (Viral)"

Been under the weather for a lil bit, but the work continues. I was originally gonna do something completely different to this Queen Latifah "U.N.I.T.Y." track, but once I hit the studio I figured I should switch things up.

Many artists are stuck on having a picture-perfect image or always having this one "sound", but I think it's important people see all sides. Whether you like him or not, you can listen to Gucci Mane and hear about 100 different voices (not sure if he's actually sick or it's the drugs, but you get the point lol). That's what I'm giving you here. Sure I don't sound as amazing as usual, but I got my sick ass outta bed and got to work! CHUUCH!

Video directed and edited by the homie Chill

Download the mp3 here:

Ricosuave & Ice the Villain - "Heavy"

As the work continues, Ricosuave hits you in the head yet again w/ the 3rd viral installment from his #SuaveSaturday series. This one includes yours truly over the Gucci Mane "Heavy" beat. This track is actually one of the early recordings we did when I made it to Atlanta and we began putting songs together for our "Villain & Superhero" project (set to be released.... who knows when, but it's coming lol).

FUN FACT: We shot the first half of this video (in the parking lot and with the trucks) while waiting on the homie Blakkwood on the set of his "Where You From" video. The other half at the playground almost got us attacked by a swarm of bees trying to get to out Arizona drinks lmao.

Ricosuave - "I Choose You"

New video from the homie Ricosuave. In this installment from his viral series, he goes in over the UGK & Oukast classic "International Players Anthem". And of course, he balances humor and intellect w/ a few messages blended in there... stay focused, folks.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I'm aware the video is SUPPOSED to be for #SuaveSaturdays and I'm late... cut a brotha some slack lol

Ice the Villain & Jazmine Sullivan - "Holding You Down"

My apologies for the recent drought of new ITV material, folks. I shall make no excuses because I'm sure it wouldn't matter anyhow, so instead I'll just "show and prove". Many folks have gotten on this Jazmine Sullivan "Holding You Down" track as the ladies seem to love it, but none have done it like this! No really, I mean I only hear people put verses on the track, but not make it into their own song.

Enough delay, peep game.

Ricosuave - "Mo Milli (Famous Sh*t")

New viral video from my homie (and Patna In Drank) Ricosuave over the Birdman & Drake "Mo MIlli" instrumental. As usual, Rico intertwines his sense of humor with his depth both in the video and in the songs lyrics. Pay close attention to the choice of "literature" and be on the lookout for more videos from the ATL Rap Superhero's "Suave Saturdays" series! FNFG!

Also, Rico and I will be delivering a project soon by the name of "Villain & Superhero" that we decided to put together. Although we're both solo artists and have been working on our individual paths, many artists don't take the time to go out of the box and come together for more than just a few tracks, so WHY NOT? I'll keep you posted on that!

Blakkwood - "Where U From" (Video)

New video from the homie Blakkwood off his latest project, "It's Time". This video was directed by the good folks at Fresh Start Productions (see: "Bang Bang" by Phresh Ali). Definitely a quality concept and the videography on point. You can see me making a quick cameo during the fight scenes if you look close enough lol. Be sure to be on the lookout for more videos by Fresh Start Productions and the H.O.M.E. Grown camp!

"Where U From" is the lead track from Blakkwood's latest release, "It's Time", which is available HERE.



Follow Blakkwood on Twitter!

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Black Sand (Trailer)

Wowww!!! How did I miss posting this sooner? Pardon me, folks.

You MUST be on the lookout for this "Black Sand" masterpiece on the way, brought to you by G-Two & K-Prime. I've heard a few cuts from the project when I went home to the DMV for a bit and I assure you it's going to be something refreshing. Not to mention, LCD has a track on their as well.



Black Sand - Trailer from John Ledbetter on Vimeo.

Gimme the Buttcheeks!

I was a little confused at the title too, but this young man is droppin' jewels lol


Do you remember "Oregon Trail" from the computer lab back in elementary school?? GOOD!

And on another much more "recent/relevant" note, quality visuals with the undisputed hottest artist in the game right now, alongside my secret wife... Rick Ross & Erykah BADu.

"No One's Gonna Love You"

Shouts out to the homie Ricosuave for puttin' me onto this video for his favorite artist's cover of Band of Horses' "No One's Gonna Love You". Incredible video.

And here's the original verison...

Ignant Ish...

Because we all need a dose...

We. MUST. Do. Better!

Disgusting... but hilarious! What would you have done if you were on that train???

Not sure which category this falls under, but I suppose it works, considering R. Kelly and all...

No Risk, No Fun

Just because it looks cool...

S/o AllHipHop

Ice the Villain - Nutso VIRAL VID

YUP! Time to get these visuals, folks!
I'll keep this simple and just give you words from the director, LCD.

*DISCLAIMER* I shot this video with a $100 flip-cam and edited it in iMovie, so please pardon the loss of picture quality....

This joint goes! "Nutso" is on "The Trapper Next Door", which is the supplemental disc to "L.@.Me 2". This was a quick 2 hour shoot we did at like 6:30am one day last week. See if you recognize any of the landmarks....

Phresh Ali's BANG BANG video is here!

If you've been paying attention to my prior posts and tweets, you would have seen that the homie Phresh Ali has been going hard w/ his latest body of work, "Bang Bang".

Soo... here's the video for the album's title track, "Bang Bang"

Shouts to Fresh Start Productions for the SICK video... hit them up at @ATL_DunkJunkie

And in case you missed the behind the scenes footage captured by LCD, here ya go!

Fonzworth Bentley (feat. Anthony Hamilton) - Greener

Lowkey, I think the homie Fonzworth is very slept on. Not sure if he'll ever really step out and shine, but I'm a fan of his music. Had to post this because Anthony Hamilton makes any song sound great.

Not too sure about Bentley's ensemble, but hey, that's him lol.

Phresh Ali - BANG BANG

I know it's been a minute, but if you knew what the team was busy putting together, you'd understand... ;-)

Anyway, new project by my H.O.M.E.Grown family, Phresh Ali!! One of the illest spitters I know and he puts together a GREAT song. If you're not already following him on Twitter or checking his music out, you're losing! The masterpiece is called "BANG BANG" and is entirely produced by the homie LCD (Mr. Bout Dat Money). 10 Tracks to really show you what Phresh is about.


Just Because...

Been on my soulful twist lately... This takes me back.


Just surfing the net and came across these two VERY interesting clips... 

#GOB Posts!

Being a GOB Affiliate, I gotta highlight the quality work being done by my folks back home in the DMV.  Soooo.... here goes!

New music by the homie Mass Potential "Twitter Freestyle" ("kinda" featuring Charles Hamilton)
Check it out and download HERE!

And keeping things #GOB, check out Parts 1 & 2 of "The AndJ Mixtape Promocumentary" with the cameos by the good folks G*Two, DJ Soundwave, AP, and of course JE himself. 

With that, be on the lookout for "The AndJ Mixtape" folks!! #GOB!

Come Over (Drake Parody)

I realize it's been a while since I posted anything that wasn't related to music or my folks, so it's about time I get back to that.  While surfing the net I found this video and I've watched it TOO many times.  
Every guy should be able to relate to this... smh

L.@.Me 2 is HERE!

366 Days ago, I released "The L.@.Me Mixtape", which started a lot of things for me. I became MUCH more focused on a strategic takeover and started to get an ever-increasing family of L.@.Mes. Now, get the follow-up to my first solo project here, "L.@.Me 2". Unlike many projects you'll get these days, this is a DOUBLE-PROJECT! In addition to "L.@.Me 2", there is "ITV Episode 1: Trapper Next Door".

"ITV Episode 1: Trapper Next Door" is the first installment of a series I've created in which I'll release several themed projects, each about the length of a TV show (Hence ITV; ITV = Ice the Villain = Ice Television = LOOK AT ME (which you hear a lot from me lol). This first episode (Trapper Next Door) is my relocation from the DMV Area to ATL, so you'll hear that all the beats are southern. Of course I'm not a "trapper", but my product is "dope" and might as well be drugs because I move it practically the same way. Also, seeing as though I'm all about you folks that are supporting my journey, the next episodes will be much more interactive because if YOU have any ideas or suggestions for what the next episode(s) should be about (West Coast Beats, Rock&Roll Beats, songs about women, 90s tracks, songs about politics, ANYTHING) then hit me at,, or just simply respond to this post on the blog!

Anyhow, enough of the chit-chat, just download the music, ENJOY, and SPREAD THE WORD!! Thanks in advance!

Rise & Grind

Daaaamn riiiight!!  A quick leak from my upcoming DOUBLE-PROJECT, "L.@.Me 2".  This particular track is called "Rise & Grind" and is produced by LCD.  The homie put his FOOT in this track and needless to say, I handled the rest.  No delaying... here we go!

16 for $100: Month 2

Hey folks, I need your help!  I recently joined a contest called "16 for $100" and I'm looking for all the votes I can get on my 16 bar verse.  I'm the returning champion from the month of January and I'm hoping to win for the month of February as well.  If it helps to motivate you any, my birthday is tomorrow and this would be a GREAT gift 
(besides downloading "L.@.Me 2" which drops this weekend).  

Here's the link, so vote and PLEASE spread the word!

Lil Dee - The induction

And FNFG continues to drop quality product on your cranium!  The homie Lil Dee just released the long-awaited "The Induction" project (hostes by DJ Momo) and it's SURE to hold up to the FNFG standards. The artwork was done by the same cat that did "The Relationship" artwork (KeysNBass). 

As I'm sure you're familiar with by now, the homie LCD does n
othing but make bangers, and he produced ALL but one song on the project so you should know what to expect. 

Time to see what the hype is about:

Pizo - Wherever I Go

The FNFG/Homegrown homie Pizo put together an AMAZING project with all tracks (except one) produced by the homie LCD & Knucklehead.  There's not much to say about this project besides that it's a solid listen ALL the way through (and I'm not saying that because it's the homie.  Check it out.