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Rise & Grind

Daaaamn riiiight!!  A quick leak from my upcoming DOUBLE-PROJECT, "L.@.Me 2".  This particular track is called "Rise & Grind" and is produced by LCD.  The homie put his FOOT in this track and needless to say, I handled the rest.  No delaying... here we go!

16 for $100: Month 2

Hey folks, I need your help!  I recently joined a contest called "16 for $100" and I'm looking for all the votes I can get on my 16 bar verse.  I'm the returning champion from the month of January and I'm hoping to win for the month of February as well.  If it helps to motivate you any, my birthday is tomorrow and this would be a GREAT gift 
(besides downloading "L.@.Me 2" which drops this weekend).  

Here's the link, so vote and PLEASE spread the word!

Lil Dee - The induction

And FNFG continues to drop quality product on your cranium!  The homie Lil Dee just released the long-awaited "The Induction" project (hostes by DJ Momo) and it's SURE to hold up to the FNFG standards. The artwork was done by the same cat that did "The Relationship" artwork (KeysNBass). 

As I'm sure you're familiar with by now, the homie LCD does n
othing but make bangers, and he produced ALL but one song on the project so you should know what to expect. 

Time to see what the hype is about:

Pizo - Wherever I Go

The FNFG/Homegrown homie Pizo put together an AMAZING project with all tracks (except one) produced by the homie LCD & Knucklehead.  There's not much to say about this project besides that it's a solid listen ALL the way through (and I'm not saying that because it's the homie.  Check it out.