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Ricosuave & Ice the Villain - "Partnas In Drank" (EP)

Collaboration EP by Ricosuave and myself, with production byPL on da Beat, Melvin Graham, and Steel of 4Front. We were able to complete this entire project (besides the title track) with each of us in our hometowns, yet the chemistry and of COURSE quality are still there as if we were in the studio together. Download and po' up!

Clif Soulo - Pacific Standard Time (EP Album)

A little late to the post (because I've been playing the exclusive advance copy for weeks), but the homie from the Left Coast, Clif Soulo, released "Pacific Standard Time" for the world and does not disappoint. With 7 strong tracks, Clif brings some quality Oakland flavor over some top-notch Cali production mixed by LCD. As the temperature starts to drop over here on the East, all you folks tryna hold onto the summer need to download this ASAP.

And for a little bonus, here's a performance of Clif Soulo performing "Hard $h!t" live at New Parish in Cali as the opening act for Kendrick Lamar. Yeah, so you know he aint bullsh*ttin' lol.

Dee Boy - "If I Die Today" [VIDEO]

New video by the homie Dee Boy, directed by LCD of LCD Vision. This is from Dee Boy's upcoming project "Show Off" coming soon. Shout out to the family Ricosuave, P.L., and Phresh Ali with the cameos!

Mr. Everywhere - "I Fuck With Me" (VIDEO)

Zone 6 Representer, Mr. Everywhere, gives you the video for "I Fuck With Me". This was directed and shot by LCD of LCD Vision. This song gets me hype everytime I see it. Check out all the cameos from my H.O.M.E.Grown/FNFG family!

Blakkwood feat. Kamileon - And She Said (Video)

New visuals from Blakkwood's "It's Time" album featuring Kamileon. Directed and edited by LCD. #HOMEGrown!

NEW H.O.M.E.Grown Vids - "Fresh I Stay" & "Pour Up"

Myself, Phresh Ali, and my cousin B.P. Cooper. Shot in about 30-45 minutes while before B.P. Cooper had to board his flight back to MD. This was the 3rd video shot in less than 36 hours...

Also shot during that 36 hours...

Off the "You Go Boy!" EP available HERE

Produced by PL on da Beat
Direected by LCD

Ricosuave "Salute" (video) & "You Go Boy" EP

And the homie Ricosuave is still at it with the product for the good people. His latest video, "Salute" was shot guerilla-style alongside renaissance-man LCD of LCD Visions (aka LCD, aka Mr. Bout Dat Money, aka the producer of the track). Various citizen cameos as well as an appearance from P.L. (aka @PLondaBeat). If you don't have the album this song comes from, get Dressing in the Dark by clicking here!

Ricosuave - Salute (Official Music Video) from LCD Vision on Vimeo.

Next up, Ricosuave's latest EP, entitled "You Go Boy!" themed after his favorite show of all time, Martin. Be sure to check this out as it's a VERY solid project entitled entirely by P.L. Cameos by B.P. Cooper and yours truly. Videos from that effort coming soon!




KlassAct - Blue Dream (prod. by LCD)

KLASSAct consists of Phresh Ali, Tha MR., and Kamileon. Click their names for Twitter pages.
Produced by LCD, this will appear on the producer's upcoming "Substance Abuse" project.

G-Two - "May the Trap Rise" & "All of the Lights"

The DMV and FNFG cohort comes gives the people the trailer for his "One Man Army vol. 2: War Paint" mixtape coming soon. If you haven't been following his music I suggest you get hip. Pure poetry here. Video shot by BrandonBest.

May The Trap Rise from G-Two on Vimeo.

Oh and if you look closely enough, you can see my cuzzo B.P. Cooper making a cameo lol. Didn't see it? Hell, look again!!

And here's a bit more for the non-believers. G-Two attacks a Mark Henry re-make of Kanye's "All of the Lights".

Gotta love the go-go twist to it...

Blakkwood - "Who Are You?"

My homie Blakkwood comes through with his "Who Are You?" segment...

H.O.M.E.Grown, FOOLS!

Ricosuave - "1st Quarter" & "Who Are You?"

The ATL Rap Superhero and my Patna In Drank, Ricosuave, comes through with some visuals for the first track off of his latest EP, "The Mookie Blaylock EP" which dropped on Mookie Blaylock's birthday, March 20. The EP has 5 tracks (one for each quarter in a basketball game, plus overtime) over all classic ATL tracks, since Mookie played for the Hawks and Rico raps ATL to the fullest at all times.

Go ahead and download that after you peep the video, shot by LCD.

And here's Rico's "Who Are You" segment. Get to know him...

Thought I forgot??

Ice the Villain - "I'll Be" & "Who Are You?"

Some new visuals for y'all!

First, a viral video for "I'll Be", a track from my upcoming "ITV Episode 2: Channel 90" EP. As you may recall, episode 1 was "Trapper Next Door" over all southern beats. This project will be over some of my favorite 90's tracks. "I'll Be" is my take on the classic "I'll Be" by none other than Jay-Z and Foxy Brown.

Video shot by LCD. Peep the cameo from the homie Chill too!

Next up: "Who Are You?", which was also shot by LCD on the same day we shot "I'll Be". "Who Are You?" is a series of brief encounters with the various members of the H.O.M.E.Grown camp. In this installment you get the usual lighthearted ITV with a few bars infused as well. Enjoy!

H.O.M.E.Grown Headquarters

Yes indeed! There is finally a central website for all things H.O.M.E.Grown! Not only will you be able to check here and for the good stuff, now you can stay hip to everything the collective has going on at www.HOMEGrownHQ.Com!
Tell a friend to tell a friend, and plug the site in your favorites!

"Who is Phresh Ali?" & "Songs For Jane" VIDEOS

You've seen and heard him quite a few times on the blog, so by now you should be familiar with the homie Phresh Ali. If you're as impressed as you should be, you'll enjoy this post. LCD sat down with the Phresh one for a brief interview and a few bars...

Here, Phresh and the HOMEGrown Rockstar/Songstress Kamileon perform "Songs For Jane". This video was shot by Fresh Start P along with LCD of LCD Vision. The entire shooting, editing, and posting process was completed in a consecutive 9-hour span. That's work!

Phresh Ali feat Kamileon - Song for Jane from Fresh Start Productions on Vimeo.

Timothy Bloom & V. Bozeman - 'Til the End of Time

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for any portrayal of Black love. No need to get too deep into the ins & outs of it all, so let's get to the post.

Interscope artist Timothy Bloom and vocalist V. Bozeman definitely put together an incredible piece of work with this video for "'Til the End of Time". Maybe the simplicity and passion shown is what makes it so great, who knows. In a way, it kind of takes me back to Bilal's "Soul Sista".


The GOB's (feat. G-Two & Ice the Villain) - "Snortin' Cool-Aid"

Knocked this footage out during my most recent trip back to the DMV. Got to work with the GOB's (Mass Potential, JE, Complete) and the homie G-Two. Had a great time shooting the video, and you should be able to see that once you check it out. These folks are some of the few folks I consider my patnas in this "rap thing", so definitely support what they have going on!

Phresh Ali - "Go"

I recall running into the homies Phresh Ali & Victor Moore in Little 5 Points while they were in the process of capturing this footage. The video is of his verse from "Go", a track we did along with Tha MR. a while ago over an LCD track. Might have to bring that one out of the vault for you foolios.

Either way, check out the vid here!

AWoL Cypher Live from the Deck

Exclusive footage from the latest AWoL put on by the homie Matty "Make it Work". Few folks came through to spit some bars, and it turned out pretty cool. In this cypher (in order of appearance) we have Terrific Kush, Mikey D, Harvey Harv, then yours truly). There'll be more cyphers to come, so definitely stay tuned!

Darwin Deez & "Playlist Le Ponce"

First and foremost, props to the homie G-Two for gettin' me hip to this cat.

His name is Darwin Deez. I was just introduced to his music a few days ago and I've been playing his stuff pretty much nonstop. His sound reminds me of first moving to Atlanta and driving down Ponce de Leon's many "artsy" spots or through Little 5 Points. With the weather starting to heat up and me taking various joyrides through the city, I've made a playlist in my iTunes called "Playlist Le Ponce" lol. It's a lot of the Deezster and folks like Kimya Dawson, Lykke Li, etc.

Anyhow, here's a few choice Darwin tracks that have been on repeat lately:

My absolute favorite and the first video I saw from Darwin, "Radar Detector"

Bad Day

Up in the Clouds


Ice the Villain - The Relationship (Re-Release)

A little bit over a year ago, LCD and I dropped "The Relationship", a 10-song LP entirely produced by LCD that chronicles a relationship from beginning to end. While this project was a bit overlooked, it received excellent reviews from those that caught wind of it. Whether you did or didn't, check it out as it's perfect for this Valentine's season. Definitely a piece of work that could only become stronger/more relevant over time (that's how classics work), so spread the word and put others on!

Phresh Ali - Yellow Roses

The homie Phresh Ali was considerate enough to provide an ode to the light-skinned women out there for Valentine's Day. Be SURE to listen closely to the lyrics, folks.

While you're at it, you might as well check out the matching eye candy in this photo montage put together by LCD, the producer of the track. You'll appreciate it, TRUST ME!

Dee Boy - Michael Vick [over 2010 highlight footage]

LCD is back w/ another montage to match a song over one of his canvasses. Here, he couples one of my favorite tracks from the #NoLoafZone mixtape, Dee Boy's "Michael Vick" with a variety of the NFL star's highlight footage. DOPE!

Told you!

Ricosuave - Dressing in the Dark [Mixtape]

With production from 4Front, PL on da Beat, and LCD, my Partner in Drank Ricosuave is back with a VERY solid project in "Dressing in the Dark". Showing much development from project-to-project (as he should), the content on this collection has a great range over incredible beats. There is definitely something for everyone here, without having to compromise artistic integrity. You definitely want to check this out!

====> HERE!! <====

Ice the Vilain ft. Chill - Float Up [Photo Montage]

Hopefully by now you're hip to LCD & DJ Uneek's #NoLoafZone, which is QUALITY music from beginning to end. Either way, you definitely want to check out the photo montage put together by LCD to go along with the audio for "Float Up" by the homie Chill and yours truly.

Shout out to the DMV for the inspiration behind this track!

Bout Dat Money & DJ Uneek Present: #NoLoafZone

LCD's "Fresh Out The Box Series" [VIDEO]

Producer LCD has been killin' w/ a series of videos entitled "Fresh Out he Box", in which he displays his production talent. In case you haven't been following him or subscribing to his videos via YouTube, allow me to catch you up...

Fresh Out the Box #1

Fresh Out the Box #2

Fresh Out the Box #3

Fresh Out the Box #4

Fresh Out the Box #5

Fresh Out the Box #6

Fresh Out the Box #7

Fresh Out the Box #8

Fresh Out the Box #9

See more from LCD via YouTube by clicking HERE!

Pizo - Wherever I Go Re-Release [Mixtape]

Taken directly from LCD's blog. (LCD produced the bulk of this re-release)

H.O.M.E.Grown and FNFG's own Pizo has re-released this highly touted "Wherever I Go" mixtape with a few alterations and new songs (read: an even better product!). I had the bulk of the production on this one so you already know what to expect.

Download "Wherever I Go"


Remember the video for "Where U From" from the homie Blakkwood produced by LCD that I posted a while ago??? Well, it was on WorldStarHipHop!! S/o to the Blakkwood & LCD for that quality move!

Ice the Villain - L.@.Me 2 (Chopped & Screwed)

My most recent solo mixtape, chopped and screwed by one of the best up-and-coming DJs doing it, DJ Uneek!


This is from my cousin B.P. Cooper's visit to ATL back in October. Now of course you've seen myself and the H.O.M.E.Grown family tweeting the song, but I forgot to put up a post for the good ol' archives...

"Frat House" features myself, Tha MR., B.P. Cooper, and Ricosuave. Produced by LCD (Mr. Bout Dat Money) himself.

Phresh Ali - Bang Bang Commercial

OF COURSE you already have the project, but in case you missed the well-done campaign, here's the commercial for the homie Phresh Ali's "BANG BANG" project shot and edited by Victor Moore for Westwoods TV.


Daaaamn it's been a minute since I've posted, but the next few will be catch up... work w/ me...