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Timothy Bloom & V. Bozeman - 'Til the End of Time

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for any portrayal of Black love. No need to get too deep into the ins & outs of it all, so let's get to the post.

Interscope artist Timothy Bloom and vocalist V. Bozeman definitely put together an incredible piece of work with this video for "'Til the End of Time". Maybe the simplicity and passion shown is what makes it so great, who knows. In a way, it kind of takes me back to Bilal's "Soul Sista".


The GOB's (feat. G-Two & Ice the Villain) - "Snortin' Cool-Aid"

Knocked this footage out during my most recent trip back to the DMV. Got to work with the GOB's (Mass Potential, JE, Complete) and the homie G-Two. Had a great time shooting the video, and you should be able to see that once you check it out. These folks are some of the few folks I consider my patnas in this "rap thing", so definitely support what they have going on!

Phresh Ali - "Go"

I recall running into the homies Phresh Ali & Victor Moore in Little 5 Points while they were in the process of capturing this footage. The video is of his verse from "Go", a track we did along with Tha MR. a while ago over an LCD track. Might have to bring that one out of the vault for you foolios.

Either way, check out the vid here!