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G-Two - "May the Trap Rise" & "All of the Lights"

The DMV and FNFG cohort comes gives the people the trailer for his "One Man Army vol. 2: War Paint" mixtape coming soon. If you haven't been following his music I suggest you get hip. Pure poetry here. Video shot by BrandonBest.

May The Trap Rise from G-Two on Vimeo.

Oh and if you look closely enough, you can see my cuzzo B.P. Cooper making a cameo lol. Didn't see it? Hell, look again!!

And here's a bit more for the non-believers. G-Two attacks a Mark Henry re-make of Kanye's "All of the Lights".

Gotta love the go-go twist to it...

Blakkwood - "Who Are You?"

My homie Blakkwood comes through with his "Who Are You?" segment...

H.O.M.E.Grown, FOOLS!

Ricosuave - "1st Quarter" & "Who Are You?"

The ATL Rap Superhero and my Patna In Drank, Ricosuave, comes through with some visuals for the first track off of his latest EP, "The Mookie Blaylock EP" which dropped on Mookie Blaylock's birthday, March 20. The EP has 5 tracks (one for each quarter in a basketball game, plus overtime) over all classic ATL tracks, since Mookie played for the Hawks and Rico raps ATL to the fullest at all times.

Go ahead and download that after you peep the video, shot by LCD.

And here's Rico's "Who Are You" segment. Get to know him...

Thought I forgot??

Ice the Villain - "I'll Be" & "Who Are You?"

Some new visuals for y'all!

First, a viral video for "I'll Be", a track from my upcoming "ITV Episode 2: Channel 90" EP. As you may recall, episode 1 was "Trapper Next Door" over all southern beats. This project will be over some of my favorite 90's tracks. "I'll Be" is my take on the classic "I'll Be" by none other than Jay-Z and Foxy Brown.

Video shot by LCD. Peep the cameo from the homie Chill too!

Next up: "Who Are You?", which was also shot by LCD on the same day we shot "I'll Be". "Who Are You?" is a series of brief encounters with the various members of the H.O.M.E.Grown camp. In this installment you get the usual lighthearted ITV with a few bars infused as well. Enjoy!

H.O.M.E.Grown Headquarters

Yes indeed! There is finally a central website for all things H.O.M.E.Grown! Not only will you be able to check here and for the good stuff, now you can stay hip to everything the collective has going on at www.HOMEGrownHQ.Com!
Tell a friend to tell a friend, and plug the site in your favorites!

"Who is Phresh Ali?" & "Songs For Jane" VIDEOS

You've seen and heard him quite a few times on the blog, so by now you should be familiar with the homie Phresh Ali. If you're as impressed as you should be, you'll enjoy this post. LCD sat down with the Phresh one for a brief interview and a few bars...

Here, Phresh and the HOMEGrown Rockstar/Songstress Kamileon perform "Songs For Jane". This video was shot by Fresh Start P along with LCD of LCD Vision. The entire shooting, editing, and posting process was completed in a consecutive 9-hour span. That's work!

Phresh Ali feat Kamileon - Song for Jane from Fresh Start Productions on Vimeo.