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Players - Mr. Brewsky's "Speak On It"

If you've been following my blog (like you SHOULD be) then you already know I got much love for my folks over at Players Voice, the #1 website for SPORTS talk (not gossip and random banter, SPORTS talk).  Now I won't lie, I'm not the biggest sports buff there is, but whenever I need to know what's going on I check them out at Players Voice.  

I've been loving their latest segment, "Speak On It" w/ Mr. Brewsky, every Wednesday.  The segment is now on its 3rd Week and is not only informative for those that are not big on sports, but also quite funny and exciting for those that are.  

Check it out NOW!  

Gotta respect that they showed your boy love w/ the musical selection!  
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Sports Talk! Interviews Lil Dee

"IT'S YA HOMIE LIL DEE!"  Fellow FNFG member and homie Lil Dee recently sat down with to discuss his newest moves and plans for his upcoming mixtape.  The Florida representative is definitely someone you want to be on the lookout for.  BIG things on the way for him.  Check out the interview below:

Have you laughed today??

I thought Hot Chicks With Douchebags was funny, but this is HILARIOUS!!

The P.R.E.P.S. (ft. Kia Shine & Dirty Fresh) - White Vee [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

And it begins!!  New video by The P.R.E.P.S. featuring Kia Shine & Dirty Fresh called "White Vee".  Got that good "get fresh" feel to it, w/ the production supplied by the homie LCD (hear that "Bout Dat Money" at the beginning???  We tried to tol' em, and w/ his move to ATL October 1, 2009, this is just he start of MANY more songs you'll be hearing him lace.  You might wanna get with it now, because it'll look wack when you join the bandwagon later lol!

Xposure Magazine x LCD

The homie LCD recently got a chance to chop it up with Xposure Magazine, an urban magazine catering to urban music, fashion, and lifestyle) for their premiere issue.  Goldyn Smith, the mastermind behind the magazine, is an incredible entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA and has big plans for this publication, which is well on its way to being a BIG DEAL!  Mr. Bout Dat Money is featured on page 8.  I won't have you reading what I type, get to the article already!!

50 Cent @ Howard University

Curtis recently visited my alma mater to speak about his upcoming book w/ Robert Greene, "The 50th Law".  Here are some clips:

Barack Obama's Speech to the Children

A BLACK man speaking to encourage education to our children.  
Is THIS what folks were so afraid of? 

All in all, good speech. Good stuff.

Video: Three Six Mafia x Alice in Wonderland - "Smokin on the Dro"

HAD to post this, HILARIOUS! 

"In Luv Witta Villain" at FUR Nightclub w/ Wale

Look what I found!  This is footage from a while back when I had the honor of being onstage w/ the likes of Wale & Southeast Slim at FUR Nightclub in Washington, DC.  Of course the homie LCD captured the footage of what is sure to be the beginning stages of an epic career.  L.@.Me's, I WILL make you proud.  Watch what we do next!!!

 Oh, and in case you missed the chance to download the "In Luv Witta Villain" track... 
you know I got you!


Jairus Johnson - "So High"

Good talent speaks for itself, and that especially when I try to give an explanation of something on my blog, because I don't have to say much.  Here's Jairus Johnson, a very talented singer that I was honored to have as the ONLY feature on my upcoming project, "The Relationship". 

See why here:

Told ya.  Shouts out to the homie Kev!

Howard University Protests!

Yazzur!  After many years of consistent BS from Howard's Administration and many faculty members, the students finally stand up and demand change!  I wish I could be there, but I was there in spirit.  HU I see you!

Even fellow alumnus Diddy weighed in on the protest!

Wale - Roc4Life Interview

Here's an interview that the Ambassador himself did for a Roc4Life interview series.  He speaks on the upcoming album, beef, internet f**kery, a DMV Slaughterhouse (where yours truly is mentioned), and more... 

Part 2

Also, check out the artwork for Wale's new album, Attention Deficit below

If you don't mind, I'd like to say, "Great minds think alike"!!!  

Am I reaching?? Lol. Either way, shouts out to Wale. 
Looking forward to the album