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Happy Birthday Big Bro!

Gotta take some time out to say Happy 25th Birthday to my Big Brother Ryan... 
Have a blessed one homie... 

In honor of the the day, here's some "Brother-Referencing" songs...

Shouts out to Mom and Pop for, well, providing a big brother...

Halloween in Magic City... Here I Come!

November 4th... VOTE!!!

I know EVERYONE is pushing you to vote, and I hate to follow the crowd, but this is THAT serious!!  Not only do we have the chance to make history (of COURSE I'm voting for Barack Obama), but we have the chance to improve the future for ourselves and children.  VOTE!!  I don't believe Barack Obama will be the savior of the WORLD as we know it, but Im positive things can't get much worse than they've been before, UNLESS McCain and Palin get in office....

Anyways, off the soapbox.  I got this in my inbox and thought I should share it... it's pretty scary, and HILARIOUS!!

Yeah, I guess they put my government out.  Oh well, FACEBOOK ME!

Shouts out to Ace and Price (E-mail Hacker Extraordinaire, lol).

Inspiration? Joe Budden

While Hip-Hop is constantly changing, not much changes for me when it comes to recognizing quality music and true talent.  One of my favorite artists... PERIOD, just released a new mixtape and I feel like I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn't put you onto something (if you didn't already know)... JOE BUDDEN!  I've been following since before the first (and only) album, and ALL the mixtapes.  I present to you his new project, "Halfway House".  Enjoy!

And just to add some controversy to things, let's address the haters, girls (because NONE that I've met understand why I look up to Joe Budden's music due to "Pump It Up"), and people that don't believe me when I say Jay-Z (though I look up to him too) could very well be the reason Joe isn't killin' em mainstream... school's in session...

And while my favorite rappers change A LOT... Joe Budden is part of the Super-Group I'll start when I get on.... kinda like the 2010 Wu-Tang or something, just not as many people, lol:

Joe Budden
Royce Da 5'9"
Ice the Villain
Joell Ortiz

Yeah.... HISTORY!

Time = T.Y.M.E.

I was getting ready to put up the post for today and thought to myself, "How in the WORLD am I going to keep "Time Machine Monday" going for very long if I'm trying to use my songs and I don't really have so many old songs that they'll stretch long enough to last unless I do one song each time?"  

Then an angel descended from heaven and said to me, "Hey fool, stop being so selfish and think of more than just yourself!!"  

And it came to me, don't just post MY songs, we'll do all of T.Y.M.E.!  I may even sprinkle some affiliates here and there to keep things spicy, lol.

So with that being said... "Time Machine Monday" becomes, 
"T.Y.M.E. Machine Monday"

And we're off!

And one of my personal favorites (that I wasn't on, lol)

By the way, since AP was on the last track, check out the article Sickamore did on him on, definitely a good look.  



More to come.  Stay Tuned.

Maybe I'm Late But....

I know Homecoming is over, but I just ran across this clip of Terrance Howard's performance at the Howard Homecoming game.  I didn't watch the game so forgive my lateness... SMH


Shouts out to for the footage... WOW!

More from the Panel

Got this from Tuesday's panel...

The Panelists


Deep in thought

Video Time!! (Pardon the blurry video, camera recordings... go figure)

Does the Culture Influence the Artist, or 
Does the Artist Influence the Culture?

So what would you prefer?  
Taking the Indie or Major Label route?
(The moderator  about artists like Wale that have experienced 
the Indie side and venture into Majors)

Shouts out to Tee (on the camera), the panelists (again), and The Hilltop (for covering the story).  Peace...

Front Page News!!!

If this isn't proof, what else is?

Spoke on a panel last night with some fellow students from Howard University about the state of black music.  Shouts out to Joshua Mitchell and the Lambda Chapter of Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity for inviting me.  It's incredible hearing just how intelligent my peers are.  There were some great questions asked and very impressive answers.  I woke up this morning and saw that it made front page news in the Howard University Hilltop.  Check it out by clicking the link.

"Damn it feels good to see people up on it"
-Biz Markie 

I'll be posting some pictures I got from the event and a few video clips of some answers later tonight.  Shouts out to Emmitt McGee III, Derick "Deontre Blayz" Bowers, Melech Thomas (Mr. Howard University), O. Christopher Buckner, and Rachel Robinson. 


Remember when I told you I co-signed the homie Lil Dee a few posts down?  Remember when I said to get to know my team (Chainz & LCD) before its too late?  Well... clock's ticking!  

Even Multi-platinum producers Cool & Dre ("Hate it or Love It", "Say I", "New York") co-signed.
Need Beats? Fruity Loops just not gettin' you over the hump anymore?  Call the extraordinary LCD:

Not good enough to make a decent hook?  Need that feature to make people want to play the whole song, maybe even MORE than once?  Lil' Dee got you:

As a true artist and one that can respect the hustle of another, you should NEVER be afraid to show love to people making good music.  If you've EVER been nervous to put someone else's myspace page up or shout out another talented person to help give them some shine... KILL YO' SELF!  

*I Put OonnnNNNnnNNNNN*

Congo Week: Breaking the Silence

October 20, 2008.  
I got invited to an event held by a group of organizations for Congo Week.  I hate to not have all the facts 100% together, so I'll just give you the link.  I encourage you all to take a look at it and help the cause. 


Anyways, the first day of Congo Week had to do with expression of one's art through music, art, dance, etc.  I chose to do a personal favorite from a while back, plus it was late notice so I didn't have time to make something new.  If you look at one of the earlier posts, I put up 2027.  Not sure if I'm at liberty to self-proclaim a "classic", but let's just leave it at "personal favorite" (that I just-so-happen to think is a classic, lol).  


Shouts out to Grace (aka Amazing Grace), Erik (the camera man), DJ Ja-Hi, Ace, Tee, Maquita, and the Kwame Ture Society.  

Back to Business!

Ok, Howard University Homecoming 2008 is over, and it's time to get back to the focus.... ME! 
In an effort to help you build your "Ice the Villain" catalog, I'll be giving you consistent material to illustrate my growth from everything from flow, swagg, delivery, wordplay, etc., TRUST ME, You should be able to hear it.  Most of these tracks were done for the hell of it and will never see the light of day (in the mainstream at least), so in a few years when the album drops you can say you BEEN had the crack from Ice the Villain...  I think we'll call this "Time Machine Monday".  I'll keep dropping "New-Old Joints" every Monday and we'll take it from there.  Keep spreading the word about the blog and encourage the folks to become a part of the "L.@.Me's".  I'll keep 'em posted and we can track the journey together...  Feel free to comment on them and tell me what you think.  
(Note: Each song was done around the time of the song of the instrumental, though I won't necessarily be dropping them in chronological order, so use your mental time-machine to understand where things were in the game at that time.  These AREN'T new, so yes, I was THAT NICE then, lol.  Enjoy)

This trip down memory lane feels pretty healthy to me.  I think I'm looking forward to the weekly "Time Machine Monday" jumpoffs.... Stay Tuned.

Shouts out to LCD, B. Lee, Chainz, RP, T-Byrd, and everyone else that assisted in the progression of Ice the Villain.  I wouldn't be here without them. 

Shouts out to all the rap acts that hit Georgia Avenue this past weekend doing their thing.  Here's some of my personal favorites that I checked out.  You should do the same!
(Note:  Each of these artists have OFFICIALLY received the "L.@.Me Stamp". It's pretty much a Co-Sign, but MUCH cooler!) 

That's it for now.  Until later.... L.@.Me!

"RANDOM" - Howard University Homecoming Edition

Walking from class.... get stopped by a few familiar faces.... Randomness ensues.  

You want the "Random"?  YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE "RANDOM"!!! (Ok, maybe not the funniest joke, but in MY current state... I'm pretty darn proud.  Accept me for who I am, lol)

Shouts out to the AriZone, Lyricss, DMG, and The Outsiders.  Oh yeah, and B. Lee (the creator of Henne-Tee... LEARN IT!)

More posts to come.  For now, I must attack the city before this blessing called Homecoming leaves me.

Howard University Homecoming

Quick Message.... I'll be checking back up as I can.  Stay Tuned. 

Random Video (9-24-08)

So, I can be kind of reserved at times.  Unfortunately, my friends/co-workers aren't exactly like me.  We're chilling outside of the 930 Club in Washington, DC for the RedBull Big Tune beat battle before seeing Nottz and Wale.  The camera guys are making their way through the line and start interviewing my homie "E McGee the 3".  Of course he shouts out WHBC 830AM Channel 51, Howard University's College Station, (I had to plug it, lol) and everything's cool.  So then they ask who he listens to on the DC Hip-Hop scene... 


You know that feeling you got when your mom used to put you on the spot for all your extended family because you could do "that dance"?  Yeah that feeling. Needless to say, it was time to dance.  I love my friends.  Enjoy!

Shouts out Ace, Price, Tee, raqstar, KC Slim, and E McGee. 

Background Check Pt. 2 - The "T.Y.M.E." Machine

Of course there's gotta be a machine by the madness.
I introduce the Taping Your Mouth Entertainment team.

(Shouts to B. Lee, RP, & T-Byrd)

Chainz - WWW.MYSPACE.COM/c_dot_h

Point Blank (Ice the Villain & Chainz) - WWW.MYSPACE.COM/pbmuzik

LCD - WWW.MYSPACE.COM/thetruelcd
(Producer/Artist... Quite the problem)

Make sure you keep up with the team, not doing so would certainly be regretful.

More posts later today, gotta get to class.

Background Check....

Now that we've been "formally introduced", perhaps I should give a bit of background information for those that may not be so familiar or were directed by a friend...

Peep the old footage and music.... feel free to YouTube "Ice the Villain".  More on the way...

Howard University 2007 Verbal Armageddon Round One 
(I'm @ like the 7 minute mark)

Howard University 2007 Verbal Armageddon Round Two 

I created this track for the 2007 Howard University Verbal Armageddon Lyrical Competition.  
Futuristic ish...

Up late.... I can't sleep... oNe.


FINALLY!!!  It's here. is up and running, thanks to the requests of all 3 of my fans asking to have a way of getting into the personal life of Anthony "Ice the Villain" Poole (ok, maybe a little more than 3, but you get the point).  This is the beginning of something epic... I promise.

I'm kinda new to the whole "Internet Savvy" thing so work with me.  Feel free to send me suggestions on how to spice things up and what you want to see on the blog.  Spread the word to EVERYONE you know, get on the bandwagon before it's too late, lol.... oNe.

Taping Your Mouth Entertainment = It's T.Y.M.E.
Howard University = I got US!
DMV = WE got US!

L.@.Me = Look At Me!