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Phresh Ali - Crazy Eh Hell

Mr. BANGBANG himself drops another banger over an LCD track. For lack of better words, this song is "CRAZY EH HELL" lol.

Annnnd here's even more music from the team for you to ride out to! This project is by the homie Tha MR., one of the illest lyricists I've met since I've been living in Atlanta. With a majority of production done by LCD, you already know this project is nothing short of FIRE! Enough reading, get to downloading, listening, and spreading the word!


Download the entire FLALIEN project by clicking here!


Gotta say this is personally a proud moment for me. I recently released the mp3 of a track called "In the Game" (produced by P.L.) and have been getting great reviews. Now, I present to you the viral video directed and edited by yours truly. It's a humble video, but Final Cut Pro is addictive and I plan on giving you more very soon!

Download the mp3 to "In the Game" HERE!

Also, below is the first video from my collaborative project with the homie Ricosuave, called "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. The track is produced by Mel G and samples a wild collection of audio sampling from Jay-Z, DMX, Kirk Franklin, and an intro from Training Day. Check it out!

Download the mp3 to "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" HERE:

Plies - "Why U Hate"

While his singles are usually somewhat decent, it's not often I hear something from homie that I REALLY stamp. Besides the song he made for Boosie, this is one of my favorite tracks he's come out with. Besides, the visuals are actually pretty powerful in this one. Gotta respect it.

Ricosuave - "Project Chick" VIRAL VIDEO

The 5th installment of Rico's Suave Saturdays video campaign, over the Hot Boys' "Project Chick". Peep game!

Ice the Villain - "No Lanes" (Viral Video)


Quick lil something I put together and wanted to get out to the people. The beat is Rihanna's "Wait Your Turn". Video shot by the homie Chill.

Ice the Villain - No Lanes from Ice the Villain on Vimeo.

You'll probably be hearing a lot more about "Lenny No Lanes" in the future. Simply put, yet another alias I've made for myself speaking to the constant desire that today's critics have to categorize an artist. Of course I see it's necessity (to an extent), but I also see the necessity to go against the grain. From my start to now I've been on ALL KINDS of tracks and touched on ALL KINDS of topics/concepts. This WILL NOT stop!

Anyhow, download the .mp3 for "No Lanes" HERE:

Download the mp3 here:​ITVNoLanes

Dee-1 "Jay, 50, and Weezy"

Saw this video on AllHipHop and thought it was pretty dope. Great message that I've had plenty conversations about with a lot of my folks. Check it out!

Ricosuave - "Martin (Greatest Show Ever)"

The fourth installment of Ricosuave's "SauveSaturday" series. In this one he goes in over the "Martin" theme song for the 3rd season. Peep!