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Darwin Deez & "Playlist Le Ponce"

First and foremost, props to the homie G-Two for gettin' me hip to this cat.

His name is Darwin Deez. I was just introduced to his music a few days ago and I've been playing his stuff pretty much nonstop. His sound reminds me of first moving to Atlanta and driving down Ponce de Leon's many "artsy" spots or through Little 5 Points. With the weather starting to heat up and me taking various joyrides through the city, I've made a playlist in my iTunes called "Playlist Le Ponce" lol. It's a lot of the Deezster and folks like Kimya Dawson, Lykke Li, etc.

Anyhow, here's a few choice Darwin tracks that have been on repeat lately:

My absolute favorite and the first video I saw from Darwin, "Radar Detector"

Bad Day

Up in the Clouds


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