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Ice the Villain - "I'll Be" & "Who Are You?"

Some new visuals for y'all!

First, a viral video for "I'll Be", a track from my upcoming "ITV Episode 2: Channel 90" EP. As you may recall, episode 1 was "Trapper Next Door" over all southern beats. This project will be over some of my favorite 90's tracks. "I'll Be" is my take on the classic "I'll Be" by none other than Jay-Z and Foxy Brown.

Video shot by LCD. Peep the cameo from the homie Chill too!

Next up: "Who Are You?", which was also shot by LCD on the same day we shot "I'll Be". "Who Are You?" is a series of brief encounters with the various members of the H.O.M.E.Grown camp. In this installment you get the usual lighthearted ITV with a few bars infused as well. Enjoy!

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